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    Go to for parts

    Who's the go to these days? Thanks.
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    Dual horn instation questions

    It comes with two wires, crimp on one side spade on the other. So.... How do I wire it? lol
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    Dual horn instation questions

    I'm replacing the factory horn with a PIAA dual tone horn and i'm a little lost (very little experience with wiring). Do I need to build a wiring harness to do the installation? I couldn't find a walk thru in search. Thanks all.
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    Headlight bulb question

    Are you using the original wiring harness? I was considering the Slee but it sounds like a dog s*** product.
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    Headlight bulb question

    I've done some searching and i'm not totally clear on the answer. Can i replace the low beam bulb with a 9006 led, or are modifications necessary (wiring harness , etc)?
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    For Sale  FJ80 OME 2" lift medium springs, front only (Seattle area)

    These units are used, I switched to the heavies. 80 cash. Bellevue pickup only. Sorry no pics but they're in the original box.
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    For Sale  4 Nitto Terra Grapplers LT265/75R 16 (Seattle area only)

    80-90% tread left, almost new. I went with bigger tires. Bellevue, pickup only. Best price I could find is 550 delivered. 350 cash. LT265/75R 16
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    Socal Valve adjustment

    I think the explanation he gave is he doesn't have the necessary shims to do the job and purchasing them would be cost prohibitive. That's why he referred me to another shop for the work. It sounds like checking the valve clearance is really what I was referring to.
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    Socal Valve adjustment

    Neither. So it isn't something that should be done as part of a regular maintenance cycle? My mechanic suggested it would be a good idea.
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    Socal Valve adjustment

    Valve job. I was under the impression thats routine maintenance @ 100k miles
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    Socal Valve adjustment

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    Socal Valve adjustment

    Any reputable shops either in Ventura or Santa Barbara Counties for a valve job?
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    LA area shop for valve adjustment

    Any tips?
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    Leaking fuel tank

    Looks like it was one of the other hoses. Mechanic found a hairline crack. We'll see when i top it off tonight. Thanks for all the input.
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