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    What all do I need to change in my LX for it to drive like new

    Yep, that @2001LC Master thread should be in the FAQ.
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    Out of State

    If you are including the LX470 in your search, there is no reason to leave the state. Southern California seems to have a continuous supply of rust free stock vehicles that have never been offroad. Prices have shot up in past few years but deals still come up. Keep scanning craigslist.
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    Events/Trails Big Bend Ranch State Park Trip Report - Heaven on earth

    Awesome report and pics!
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    SOLD 100 Series Gamiviti Roof Rack Austin TX

    Why hasn't anyone swooped up this deal? C'mon people.
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    Prospeed vs. prinsu vs. bowfin vs dissent roof racks

    All very similar design. The cutouts in the Bowfin rack are PERFECT for grabbing while entering/exiting/climbing up the cruiser. Also handy for securing loads. I use them every day.
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    Labor Day Sales

    Bogus. Yeah, it looks like it no longer works.
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    Labor Day Sales

    40% off Dometic Fridges if you order by the 31st. This link might not work correctly.
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    SOLD 2005 Limited 4wd Tundra AC

    Great looking truck. Asking price?
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    Builds 'Ele'Ele Build

    That bumper looks fantastic!
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Made some progress on my drawer/platform build.
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    I got tired of crawling on my belly to access under my platform and decided to make some quick and dirty drawers. Going to add some wings and face pieces later this week.
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    Builds 'Ele'Ele Build

    Beefy! Any updates to that front bumper?
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    SOLD  SF Bay Area, CA: LX470 16" OEM Chrome rims (4) with stock LTX tires

    I have 4 stock 16" LX chrome rims and tires FREE for pick up. Tread has ~3/16" left. Pic is representative of the other 3 I was too lazy to pull out of garage.
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