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    AFM or Plug wires

    .044 is fine. The fuel filter is located inside the frame in the area under the air filter and the oil filter, a bit of a PITA what with the inevitable fuel spill and awkward work area. The EFI relay is a common starting problem in '91 and cheap to replace. Do a search and perform the EFI relay...
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    turn the key....nothing

    I had the exact same thing happen, the starter went dead when hot but works fine cold. Next time it happens, whack it with a piece of 2x4 or similar and if it starts OK then your contacts are sticking and you need to overhaul or rebuild your starter. This whacking business is a diagnosis aid and...
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    PO420 code catalyst eff. below threshold What does this mean?

    No need to change both sensors this code is for the downstream sensor. I hooked up a scanner when my Lexus came up with this some months ago and, exactly like Gumby says, the downstream sensor was fried - completely flatlined. Replaced it and never saw the code again. Question: I seem to be...
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    Radiator hose, 1 1/4 or 1 1/2?

    1 1/2 and 5/8 for the heater. Look it up at, also got info on belts.
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    91 Landcruiser Electrical problem

    If the hot starter wil not turn at all, give it a good whack with a socket extension or a 2x4. If it starts, then you need a starter overhaul or a rebuild. Also make sure your EFI relay cable upgrade has been done and your EFI relay is not fried.
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    New 91

    Do the EFI Main Relay wire upgrade from 12 gauge to 10 gauge. Otherwise keep a spare EFI Relay on hand, they tend to cook from the 12 ga wire heat and the truck will turn over but not start - no fuel delivery.
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    Power Steering Leak

    Just last weekend I changed my leaking PS low-pressure return hose. With heat and age it had become so hard and inflexible I had to cut through it with a knife and remove the two sections - again by slicing through the hose. When hose becomes this hard there is no way the hose clamps can make a...
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    Headlight buzzer ?

    I just completed this and it worked perfectly in my '91, one hour of labor and 99 cents of parts (a pack of two 1n4004 diodes from Radio Shack) - best mod for under $1! Thanks Wayne from Yahoo 3FE.
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    automatic download of service manuals FSM

    Good site to download wget for windows: if you download/run from the "Setup program" link everything will be installed using the defaults and the program can be found, from the command prompt, at location C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin...
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    1996 LC A/C warms up at idle

    The best thing I ever did for my truck was adding a pusher fan. Not only is the A/C always great, but I have had NO engine temp problems in traffic, 95 degree weather, hill climbing, etc.
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    foam in radiator

    Since you just bought this truck, I can see the PO wanting to eliminate some minor radiator leak with a "miracle cure" gunk that simply did not get along with Prestone. The fact that your overflow bottle went low also points in this direction. Look out for leaks after you flush and refill...
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    Help With Wind Noise

    Petroleum-based Vaseline destroys rubber, use silicon lube (how many children do you have?)
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    Signs of water pump failure? (long)

    The auxiliary fan installation solved my heating problems to the point where I am not even aware of the fact that the fan is there - the whole issue is gone from my mind.
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    Engine won't Start, but cranks over

    Is there any advantage to using a fusible link over an inline fuse? Other than manufacturing cost.
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    BG Trans Flush Opinions?

    IIRC CDan recently dicussed transmission flushing and flat out said not to do it. No ifs or buts.
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