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    BJ42 dash board pics?

    Same deal, and i better put a disclaimer in, i only know about the 42 and 47 series i have seen in aus. And on those vehicles there was only a rubber plug or aftermarket swtich in that hole. I had the switch for my shooting light there.
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    BJ42 dash board pics?

    also, as for the locking hubs, they were included because being able to disconnect the front wheels from the front axles and diff (even when these were already disconnected from the transfer case) will reduce the amount of weight that needs to spin up every time you accelerate, thus reducing...
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    BJ42 dash board pics?

    indeed you are correct, there were many different configurations for the 40, 42 and petrol variants in the different countries they were sent to, and i can only speak to the ones i have seen in aus. Although indeed i have never seen a dash mounted glow setup from factory. Although i have seen...
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    BJ42 dash board pics?

    sorry, my bad, i see which one you are talking about i think. Its heat. connects through the firewall to a t-piece on the heater hose at the back of the block which directs hot coolant through the in-cab heater core when pulled. Good to make sure its not corroded before pulling it too hard...
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    BJ42 dash board pics?

    That would be the hand throttle, its located with the same reference to the steering column as in Sargh's photo, ie on the right side of the steering wheel, which is why you cant see it in your photo. Its the same knob as the choke used in the petrol models. It just has a bit of wire running...
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    BJ42 dash board pics?

    Nope, any gloplug switches you have seen in 40s have been added aftermarket by someone in an attempt to bypass the factory system. 40s come with glow plug switch built into the key barrel via spring loaded turn-back and 42 and 47 come with dual stage/voltage timer system which is initiated when...
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    BJ42 dash board pics?

    If i remember correctly, the windscreen wiper knob is in that region, however 4x series came out with holes in the dash as standard that were filled with rubber plugs. Maybe check if there are circular wear marks from someone screwing in or unscrewing the lock ring on a switch. Also all...
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    Difference between H & 2H?

    The 2h really does have a better rep than the h. its not that the h is unreliable, its just the 2h is moreso. Also more power and runs sooo much smoother.
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    jump start a diesel?

    boil the billy a few times before you try if you are by yourself, heats things up enough to reduce the revolutions required to start. also as much power as the glow plugs draw a flat battery may still work them a bit, its a good idea to still try and glow it before roll starting. It was...
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    excessive heat from the engine

    yep, my little b radiates a lot less heat than the 2f in the troopy. Having said that though, the exhaust leak from the b gives me toasty feet in winter. who ever designed 2 bolt manifolds anyway.
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    Blck smoke

    diesel injection shops may want to match injectors with the pump if the pump isnt completely consistent in pressure between each of the lines. If one is a bit down, they can back off the opening pressure in the injector slightly to make sure its making the proper pattern. This however is...
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    Stalling Diesel

    also make sure the battery is grounded to the body of the car well, not just to the engine. this should fix the stalling/surging issue if you trace ground all the way through to the relay sam
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    oil cooler fitting

    the full pics of this engine are here would be nice
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    I got it home

    doubt if the buzzer is speed related on a truck of that vintage. The buzzer in mine makes a pretty horrid sound, but it indicates higher than normal pressure in the vacuum system (ie lack of vacuum) indicating that the brake booster will not work properly should you require the services of your...
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    Correct Turbo vs Wrong one

    did they use the T04 on 2h engines especially because it was too big, so they didn't need to wastegate it, or was it just cheaper? Not that i have been looking, but the turbo 2h 60s i have seen kicking round dont have wastegates. Might just have been old mike vine kits though.
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