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    Help me choose a muffler.

    I fitted up a 100 series resonator on mine today, and it works like a champ. Before welding it up, I glanced inside and it's just a perf metal inner and straight through. It really took all of the annoying sound out of the exhaust just like a muffler would. Best part, 100 guys pull them off...
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    Nearly New Military Trailer for sale

    Nah, that Honda has been gone for 6 years. It was a lot of fun, but I just never had the time/place to ride anymore. So, just to recap: I love the trailer, don't want to sell. ATV is long gone. Thanks for the trip back in time though...I was just talking about that ATV with my nephew...
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    Nearly New Military Trailer for sale

    Considering I own it now, and it's now located in Denver, the price doubled if you want to buy it now. :) I happen to like it a lot and use it all the time. Great trailers.
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    Last minute trailer project...

    2 years later???? Jerry....come on.... :) I actually made my CDN101 legal just earlier this year myself, and I bet I owned it longer!
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    1966 FJ45 LWB rolling blitz restoration

    and so were the mirror arms and hood catches. I never really cared for that Maaco look though. Artistic license!
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    Builds Saudi Arabia: 1982 FJ45 Troopy

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    Lexus LX450 bolt in replacement sub!

    This is certainly on my list of to-do's, but that list is pretty long. Keep us posted on amp and head unit choices as you work this out. Good work!
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    Head Gasket Repair, Observations, and now the rebuild

    That stinks man...sorry to see the damage. Have you considered going with the Tundra v8? I hear that is one sweet swap to do.
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    Plastic Door Trim/Guards

    I agree except that I would change the paint prep just a bit. I would tape loosely, sand, then remove the tape and wash the area with dawn. Once thoroughly dry tape very carefully, wipe with degreaser/acetone and paint as previously stated. The only catch would be anywhere that is chipped...
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    Plastic Door Trim/Guards

    New parts are about 900 bones at a discount. Probably way better off to repaint the already painted items.
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    Frozen outdoor Drain Pipe

    Can you get to the pipe at all? There are heating elements that are intended to wrap around pipes to keep them from freezing. Not really designed for PVC, but you didn't specify what it was.
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    Wanted H55F "B" shaft

    I had one, but just sold it to Sheldon on Canada. Might check with him.
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    Can I import this?

    Whew....well, there are lots of threads on this in the forums, but in a nutshell it goes like this. Anything 25 years old can come in pretty easily. Anything newer really has to come through an RI. There are other ways, but they get shady. If you have serious cash, then just do the RI and be...
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    FJ45 cab rubber Gaskets

    x2 Breck is a pretty good place to go ride. I'm thinking about heading there on Tuesday. ;)
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    FJ45 cab rubber Gaskets

    I have my old gaskets from my restoration. Not sure what a "ute" is though. Mine are from a 66 lwb pickup.
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