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    Neglected Balls (Rusty & Pitted Knuckles) - UPDATED w/Results

    There was a suggestion to use JB Weld to attempt to get a smoother surface when I went thorough mine. I didn't try it, they weren't that bad. But what could it hurt? Clean 'em good with acetone, and then put a smooth coat, surface with sandpaper. Rocky
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    Costa Rica (Cruiser rental)

    I rented one in San Juan, Costa Rica (sounds like the same operation) - when I showed up, they didn't have a HiLux, but had a Mitsubisi 4WD high clearance P/U. It was a good truck, and clean, but not a Toyota. YMMV. I had no problems with them or with the vehicle. It was an a$$-pain to fill...
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    2f install

    3_Puppies is right. I had to do a bunch of fabrication of the throttle linkage because I used the "new" (2F) manifolds. I'm happy with my swap (it's probably been about 8 years now) but it was a PIA when I was doing it. I basically took the FJ-60 throttle bracketry and mounted them onto my...
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    Still have some death wobble, thoughts??

    You didn't mention if you replaced the bushings (I'll bet you did, but just asking). A little play anywhere in your suspension system will give you undesirable results, especially when you get a suspension input like a bump or pothole at the right speed.... Good luck
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    Talk About Lucky.....

    Got a new set of springs / bushings from BTB in Las Vegas. The replacement of the broken one went a lot easier than I thought, even on the soft dirt. It took A high-lift, and a couple bottle jacks, but it all aligned, and went together pretty good. I didn't do both springs (yet) because of...
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    Talk About Lucky.....

    Thanks, John - I've got a set on order, so I should be good to go, but I will certainly keep you offer in mind if things go south. Appreciate it - all the offers of support. What a great club. Chuck
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    Talk About Lucky.....

    Thanks, guys - I appreciate the offers of support. I've got a set of springs on the way, but that's very thoughtful of you both to offer help and parts! Luckily the vehicle is in a safe spot, and It's not going anywhere (that's for sure!). So I'm not under the gun to get if fixed...
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    Talk About Lucky.....

    After driving up Mount Lemmon, and driving down the rugged, bumpy road to my mountain retreat, I put my LC into reverse and heard a horrible grinding noise.... It was my driver's front tire dragging on my bumper, because the front axle shifted forward when I went into reverse.... Why? Because...
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    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    I have two sets of soft doors located here in Tucson. Set 1: A set of full sized soft doors with frames, little slip-in hinge pins mounted to the soft door frames and the door handles. Upper window clear, lower window foggy. $100 for the pair Set 2: A set of half doors with latch...
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    FAQ 60-series FAQ

    Tie Rod & Drag Link Information... Graciously provided by Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters... (Not trying to advertise one business over another - This is just helpful information). Tie Rod Thread Diameter and Pitch: 23x1.50mm Drag Link Thread Diameter and Pitch: 21x1.50mm We do have the taps...
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    Knuckle Preload Shims - How to they work?

    Thanks - It surely looks like that's how the geometry in the knuckle would work - just checking. Rocky
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    Knuckle Preload Shims - How to they work?

    I get all that (Thanks), but I am just asking: More shims, less preload, or more shims, more preload? Thanks - Rocky
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    Knuckle Preload Shims - How to they work?

    It would seem that having less shims would increase the preload, and adding more shims would reduce it - is this right?. Do the shims space out the bearing retainers on the steering arm (top) and bearing cap (bottom)? Or am I not clear on how the system works? An explanation would be...
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    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    U-Bolts for a FJ-40 Axle. The bolts are not stressed, as the SOR skid plates bent (I'm not impressed, but..). U-Bolts are $5 each ($20 Total + the ride), and I'll throw in the SOR Plates for free - you can stiffen them up yourself. Also have a BRAND NEW set of Brake Pads for FJ-40/50/60/70s I...
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    Does anyone have the Knuckle Centering Tool (FJ-40/60) I might borrow?

    Knuckle project almost complete... Still waiting on Parts for my "Frankenstein" front end... FJ-40 Axle, FJ-60 Knuckles & Power Steering, Minitruck Calipers & Brakelines, FJ-55 Steering Column, Ford Shock Towers, Downey Springs, 4-Plus U-Bolt Flip Kit......
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