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    88 FJ-62 dies at stoplights

    Replaced grounds on friends '88 FJ62. Battery to engine, to frame, and to body. His factory original -battery cable was toast.
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    2F cam gear different than 3FE?

    Yes, FJ40 2F is steel, 3FE is resin compound.
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    1989 FJ62 3F carburetor and electronic (modern) ignition system

    I have had good luck with the Pertronix hall effect electronic ignition in the '76 Fj40 with the 2F. Stay away from the Comp cams/FAST electronic ignition systems. I had one of the FAST XR700 electronic ignition systems on the Fj when I purchased it. These have an led type of trigger that I...
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Easy one today. Battery died in the driveway. 4 1/2 years on a 5 year warranty. Got lucky. New one free of charge. These are AGM batteries. No sulfuric vapors to eat the paint on the underside of the hood.
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    FJ62 cam gear. Wear compared to the steel Fj40 gear

    There are still a few Toyota cam gears available in the US. Dear Sir Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not have this gear in our stock with us. But we can supply from TOYOTA genuine items for 16000yen/pc. How many pcs do you need? In case if you need more than 300pcs, our...
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    FJ62 cam gear. Wear compared to the steel Fj40 gear

    Anyone have info on when to replace the composite camshaft gear on the FJ62? This was changed from the steel gear to have a quieter engine & reduced weight. Friends FJ62 has 200k+ miles on the engine. Still runs well. Looking for someone that has data and maybe pics of the gear after xxx miles...
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    New to the platform. Looking at a ‘77

    Step one: take a #2 phillips screw driver remove the 4 screws holding the grill on. flip upside down so the THICK PART IS UP NOT DOWN. Reattach phillips screws. You are now good to go. enjoy your new ride.
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    2F balance

    Last engine that I rebuilt and balanced was my 1963 Dodge Power Wagon M37 flat head 230 cubic inch 6 cylinder. Crankshaft balanced front to back and on rotation. The Sealed Power pistons came matched at 571grams. Balanced the rods myself within 2 grams. These long rods have NO balance pads, top...
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    '76 FJ40 2F oil pressure after new sending unit installed.

    I was worried about the oil pressure on the 83,000 mile 2F engine. When warmed up, the pressure on the factory gage was only about 3/16" above the "L" on the gage at idle. the sending unit was original from 1976. I purchased a new Toyota sending unit, (yes these are still manufactured and used...
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    ‘78 Carb cooling fan relay

    In my '79 Mitsubishi truck that I owned, I had an issue with a glass fuse. It LOOKED fine so I was looking farther up the electrical chain for the issue. The fuse had opened at the end where you could not see the break. Drove me nuts for a while. Bottom line is ALWAYS use VOM to check the...
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    Toyota technician explanation wanted: '75 &'76 distributors with vacuum retard

    I have a 1976 FJ40 that has a build date of 9/75. These two years had vacuum retard canisters on the distributor ( instead of vacuum advance) from the factory. The ignition at this point in time was moving to total electronic. They had a "box" but the distributor still had points. I have the...
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    Steering Slop!

    Will the penny trick help? 2 penny trick
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    1976 restoration Mustard Yellow.

    Did you cut out the coupon at the bottom of this article before taping it to your windshield??
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    1976 distributor breaker point plate

    Talked with John, he had some for other 6 cylinder Toyotas, but not the FJ40. I dismantled my unit. Removed the bearings. Did some cleaning. There was a piece of small copper wire that came off of the internal distributor grounding strap and was in with the ball bearings, also some small bits of...
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    1976 distributor breaker point plate

    Anyone have one of these in good condition? The breaker plate has small ball bearings for rotation with the vacuum advance/retard unit. Mine has been cleaned in an ultra sonic tank and rotates, but has some "ratchety" rotation. Is this normal? Regards; Desert FJ40 in need of a part.
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