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    4runner brake booster

    No external in-line check valve needed correct? My v8 seems to have plenty of vacuum. Thanks for your replies!
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    Parting out a 1997 40th anniversary fzj80

    pm sent
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    Parting out a 1997 40th anniversary fzj80

    Any radius arms still available?
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    $200 - NEW Double Carden Rear Shaft - Must Move ASAP!

    What was it made for? Bolt pattern-wise
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    Chevy 350 Harness Help

    I am running a tbi 350 in my 60 series, in peoria, i'm good at plug and play, different manufacturer than painless though. Let me know if i can help
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    '85 FJ60 Front Seat Options

    i went with middle row honda odyssey, im 5'8" and appreciate the couple inches higher i sit now. cut down u-bolts and welded in for mounts. both front seats pop out now in seconds, and they both recline too.
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    WTB: used 80 series front third member

    I've got a matched ring and pinion for pennies, yes, pennies. Want it gone!
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    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    Rear seat from an fj60, gray, needs a little love. free. Factory ring and pinion, matched, low miles, fj80. 20$ console, gray, fj60, needs washers to mount, otherwise good, 5$
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    Solar Power for your Residence? Buy, Lease, Wait???

    Great thread. i almost asked if the wood an that timer was real, until i saw the sticker, too funny. i divorced and installed a swamp cooler to attain a 100$ monthly savings. i just took her off the account, and was forced into the new rate plan. not too happy about that, aps swore that i would...
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    WTB: FJ62 mirror or single right side FJ60 mirror

    got a 60 if you're still looking
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    rear hatch linkage

    735-2786 looks like it will fit all four positions
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    rear hatch linkage

    update. basic gm clip from napa worked. <3$ thanks!
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    rear hatch linkage

    hello all, the linkage keep(small plastic piece) that holds the linkage to the lever has broken on the push button linkage allowing it to fall off the lever preventing the exterior push button from opening the hatch. the interior lock pull linkage works fine still. Are there any fixes to...
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    40 series Jump seats FS

    i'll take them! pm me the details! thanks
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    brake system upgrade?

    Hello all, I have a stiff pedal with little to no stopping, I think my master cylinder has been going for awhile. I'm running the original brake system with a chevy v8 and 35" tires on my 85' 60. Should i stay original or are there better options? thanks, Chris
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