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    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    It's soooooooo cute.
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    High pressure power steering metal line to hose adapter?

    yup, i would take the two parts you want to join to a hose shop and let them put it together. can i ask why your doing electric? just curious about the decision/benefits
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    For Sale 1996 Land Cruiser 75 Series Pickup LHD. 1HZ

    Bump for a stand up honest seller !!
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    WDYD Popping sound under passenger side footwell on 75 series Troopy

    I'd watch another vid
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    Aluminum Radiators

    I'm no expert amd ypu can read about coolant chemistry for hours, but the short of it is you DO want a newer coolant like OAT or HOAT, for the alu, but NOT long life coolant cause of the iron. But I'd say more important than what color, is that you keep it clean, change it regularly and for...
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    WDYD Popping sound under passenger side footwell on 75 series Troopy

    hard for me to make out much noise in the vid, but its pretty cool to see it
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    Saudi FJ75 - Is This Normal?

    thats impressive,,,, be interesting to find the cause.
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    Heat/AC/Mixer HVAC Tech Info

    Just in case anyone wants new clips 55933-10010
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    Pig Run 2005 sticker

    Still have an unused one.
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    2022 Hatch Chile Run

    awesome trip stemurr !! i ony have one problem with it, that grass roofed store you remember so fondly is in McScary not Pinetop :grinpimp:
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    Need help with a non-US market part

    I can make you the bracket unless you want an OEM part
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    Is getting 12v from a 24v 70 series really this easy?

    Yup, that simple. Both batteries are 12v btw, pull your power off either one individually and you have 12v. But you need to run that lighting circuit dedicated, wire, switch, relay, fuse ect. separate from the car wiring, switches, fuses ect, not good, thats why people run converters.
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    Builds Fly By Night

    Gawd I hope not
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    Who's done a timing belt?

    did my 5vz, much easier than i thought it was gonna be, then did a friends 2uz, pretty similar, just take your time, be methodical.
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    LC70 ELECTRIC MIRROR + control switch

    I've got the mirrors and switch, but away from home for another week at least, if you still need help when i get back I'll hook you up.
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