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    Only $261+tax: Massimo CX50 E-Kooler - Alternative to ARB

    well guys i hope they work out for you all. i went down this road with the ol' cheap Edgestar brand back in the day and eventually lost the gamble,,, but it wet my appetite enough to see the light and buy the then brand new redesigned ARB 50.... 12'ish yrs later and the ARB still starts up and...
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    Brake backing plate pattern.

    I dont know about this $600 in tools buisiness, i changed my tacoma bearimgs with a simple press and one of those two piece bearing plates
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    Builds Fly By Night

    woohoo !! reading this makes me want my old piggy back
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    Builds Fly By Night

    haha that was great,,, give me a moment in silence to weep .
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    Builds Fly By Night

    i will try to hang around here a bit more,,, i have an opportunity to buy my old pig back,,, i really want to but i just dont need it. speaking of Ruff Stuff, have several of his original crossmember/engine mount sets, a sleeved bushing with weld on mounts. i bought a bunch of his stuff back...
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    Builds Fly By Night

    hey mang,,,, just checkin in and saw this build thread,,, your really into this thing and it looks GREAT!!! couple things on my mind, didnt i give you my tailgate? i have the brass gear kit installed. and the emergency brake handle didnt interfere with the a/c in mine. i had the factory...
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    Is there a pre-made slideout kitchen drawer someone sells?

    truck box and body places make all that stuff, like Delta, Reading, Weatherguard, Naphede ect.
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    Your Mountain House Favorite Meal

    bisquits and gravy is good
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    Love those pizzas on the grill...!

    i can participate in this thread also bake
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    Let's talk about axes

    i have three space age axes, 15, 7 and 4 yrs old,,,, still waiting. for the price if/when it breaks i figure got my monies worth. now, i do really like my gransfors, but the price of the space agers got me an axe i didnt really care much about hitting the odd nail or stone,,, but i gotta tell...
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    Sawyer Water Filter

    keep this in the back of your mind,,, once used the water in those fibers can render the filter useless if they freeze. that goes for all the fiber style filters, its not sawyer flaw. i keep that same one, new and dry as a backup for my bigger gravity filter for just such occasion.
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    Pig Picture Album

    similar,,, nice
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    RC Copter suggestions?

    according to lily it is,,, it looks good but we my never know.
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    Titanium cup ( not that kind)

    since weight isnt an issue, titanium if you want to pay for it,, stainless if you dont, cast iron has that timeless cool factor but nobody makes a small cast iron cup that i know of.
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    There And Back Again: A Pig Runners Odyssey

    i remember that,,,, i even remember i had a nice salad, new york strip and baked potato
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