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    Official SoCal 80's Ultimate SnT Thread

    Sun is out! Join us just off the main drag!
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    Surf and Turf

    Has a good time again this year! Was able to gather Jeff from school (SLO) and he and another son Mark go to beat up the truck in the dunes. Planning on making the LAST next year.
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    The Maverick

    Now there is a real toy! Might need to fly away if you were being chased buy the drug cartel!
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    Surf N Turf 2010

    Count us in! Ill be driving up on Thursday with brent, joining us will be my sons :D Mark and Jeff (jeff is a pick up at SLO)
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    Meet and Greet Location Vote

    Sorry - May 8-9 no go for me!NEXT TIME!
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    Feel Like I Lost a Child Today

    Thanks for sharing the story of Boomer's start with your family. Praying that MAX becomes as big or bigger part of the family! Best to you and you loved ones!
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    Meet and Greet Location Vote

    I'm in for lower CC. Which weekend?
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    HG Update

    Head Cracks JUST TWO???:D
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    From FJC to 80?

    29K, you are going to loose your shirt at that price, and someone is getting a hell of a deal.
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    Pics of my new trailer.

    Nice set-up! Are you going to be selling one of your tent set-ups? If so let me know!
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    From FJC to 80?

    As with anything, for the right price RFJTOY is for sale.
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    From FJC to 80?

    When the time comes- CALL I will be ready to sell my rig by then. I too will be moving to an 80 ot 100 probably late next year. I have 69k on an 06, and will try to get to your 75k requested mileage:D.
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    2009 Surf n' Turf Pics

    Thanks for posting the pics. Again it was a great time!
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    SnT Departure Time

    Dude! Come on up Saturday dinner will be enough for everyone.
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    SnT: When You Leaving

    I just picked up 6 lbs of Carna Asada so Saturday meat is covered. Scott is bringin a side dish and cobbler.
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