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    Wanted Fiberglass tub pre 78

    sold it 2 weeks ago
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    Wanted  Steering wheel FJ40

    Looking for a 1975-1978 FJ40 steering wheel, in great condition.
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    For Sale One or more 33x9.50x15 BFG A/T Tire

    Me too! PM me
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    Wanted  bfg at t/A KO 33x9.5x15

    This is a longshot Looking for a BFGoodrich all-terrain TA KO 33 x 9 50 x 15 It's important that it's a KO BFGoodrich part number 32374 Let me know!!!
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    Wanted  Clutch fork spring bracket

    Looking for a clutch spring for bracket for 76 through 85 FJA it can be a 40 55 or 60. Need to get the truck back on the road. P.m. me if interested in selling
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    Wanted  Clutch fork fj40/60

    Looking for clutch fork, retainer clips, spring, and bracket. CLUTCH FORK- 8/74-4/85 FJ40/55/60
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    Wanted  Full floating axle shaft

    looking for a full floating axle shaft for passenger side. Any year up to 1990.
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    Wanted  Fj40 75+ windshield

    Looking for a clean, clear windshield. Shipped to 33316
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    Wanted  1979-1984 FF rear axle shaft right side

    looking for full floating right rear axle shaft from any 1979-1984 TLC any model.
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    For Sale FJ40 fiberglass tub

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    Parting Out Lots of fj60 parts from Oct1980 and June1986

    what type of rear axle do you have a SF or FF?
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    For Sale FJ40 fiberglass tub

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    For Sale  FJ40 fiberglass tub

    Uncut fiberglass tub Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida Price is $2000 firm Was purchased for 1977 FJ40 Fuel tank is located under the passenger seat I do not know who manufactured If you have any questions email me at
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    For Sale FJ40 Fiberglass Tub, fenders, hardtop 1/4's,hood

    no, easier to sell complete. what are you looking for
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