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    eBay 1995 expedition built FZJ80 FS or trade for 2006+ 4Runner

    Pretty much my dream 80. Well done Sir! Good luck with the sale, David!
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    New Old Man Emu 80 Series offerings!

    Kurt is currently in Austrailia and may not be able to see your post. Hang tight and I suspect he will answer as soon as he has coverage.
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    New Old Man Emu 80 Series offerings!

    Looking forward to pricing. I'd love to get the 80 a little higher off the ground! :D
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    HEJ43, or something....

    Excellent work Mr. Cline. I know who to call if I ever decide to build my FZJ62!
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    80 Series Doors

    PM Sent :popcorn:
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    Trade WTT: 1998 BMW M3 Sedan for FJ40

    Sent you a PM:hhmm:
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    [CA-bay area] SOA set up for trade of a SUA

    Do you have any pictures of your rig?
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    Pics of Green FJ40s - The BEST color. - show us what you have!!

    Holy Hell! Fantastic job man. That is certainly a dream rig of mine. Where in Utah are you?
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    For Sale 1994 FZJ80 Lockers, Lifted, Slee Goodies

    Email sent.:hhmm:
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    paint questions: going for the TLC Icon look

    Pic after painting with flat camo kahki tan. Note the difference in the body vs. windshield. I painted the windshield single stage pawnee tawn. I'll have to snap some current pics when it stops raining:mad:
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    paint questions: going for the TLC Icon look

    I used rattle can flat camo tan on my FJ40. I really like the way it looks, it hides imperfections well, and it is easy to touch up. It is not a rough finish right out of the can- just flat. It does fade after sitting in the sun. I'll try and dig up pics of when I first painted and current...
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    For Sale 1994 Land Cruiser Supercharged on 35s

    PM sent.:hhmm:
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    For Sale 93 FZJ80 4.6L, 6 speed, Orion, 37"

    A killer rig indeed. What are you asking for it?
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    Parting out - 1989 fj62 land cruiser

    Shipping may kill the deal but how much for the rear hatch & tail gate? Condition? Also- I need the grey cover for the fuse box left of the steering wheel. Thanks!
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    Wanted A440F wanted for cheap

    I have a few. Sent you a pm.
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