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    Todays wrenching

    Thanks! Its super handy.
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    Thats a good pile of parts! nice score!
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    Todays wrenching

    Forever hording parts...
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    Tickets to a event in Southern VT/ Northern mass. "Open to the public 4x4 off roading event! Includes two days of guided trail runs on private properties. This is a FUNDRAISER! All proceeds to benefit the NEA4WD's Land Fund. Any extra donations are welcomed. "...
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    I posted the link to get tickets in the member section, but ill put it here too. Open to the public event to raise money for the NEA
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    Todays wrenching

    Got my beadlocks and newer tires on this past weekend. Ready to put some fresh scratches in them.
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    Planning for 3-4 Days in North Maine Woods

    May be worth asking Mine4x4. They are a Fellow NEA4WD club and good group of wheelers. Im sure they know. They are more active other FB page, but they do have a forum too.
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    My dad came over this weekend to help with a downed tree in my woods, I figured we'd take my truck into the woods, but he went right in. May not seem like a big deal, but thats a 21 with less than 800 miles on it. I was impressed!
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    Fuller's Slopply 80 Chop

    Trailers are fun. Is that a suretrac?
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    First trail ride/meeting of 2021

    Great pics!
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    Todays wrenching

    Wrapped up the rear end on this runner over the weekend. Chevy 63s/ 14" bilsteins. Should work pretty well!
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    wednesday nights, usually 5pm till dark from now hopefully till fall! All are welcome if youre willing to make the drive (Northfield vt, 05663)
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    Wednesday night wheeling starting back up ! Was a bit wet last night but got 1/2 a new trail cut up to some sweet v notches.
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    Marlin Crawl Box. Should I?

    Close! A w56 is a transmission. The t case youre after is a RF1A. But yes, youll need a 2nd top shift case. Heres a bunch of wicked good info: I like your plan of the crawl box...
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    Spring meeting, torch pass?

    Harris is a no go. Hes still riding the fine line of not a business but taking peoples money like a business. NEA has decided not to participate in Harris until hes running it legally (which he probably wont)
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