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    Inline dust separator

    The dust separator on top of the snorkel works for tractors n such, so no reason it wouldn't for you.
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    Heater control valve

    I picked one up from the salvage yard that would work, as long as the lever works the right way you will be G2G. New wasn't in the cards for us $$$.. I don't remember what year or model it was.
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    Mercedes Om617 with tachometer(fix?) Using alternator.

    Can you please show how the Dakota is hooked up to the OEM wiring? I'm almost finished with the exact same swap, and am about ready to dive into this. I have removed all of the un needed wiring from under the hood. IE distributor, Injector wiring, etc.
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    For Sale 2008 Sequoia SR5 4.7l 4x4 Seattle area

    Toyota Sequoia, with the 4.7l v8. Automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive. Seats 8, 3rd row is electric flat folding. Can put 3 car seats across the middle row, rear DVD player. Tan leather with heated seats. Multi zone heat and A/C with rear heat and A/C. Back up camera in rear view mirror...
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    Excessive Blowby PCV Build

    What about having 2 PCV systems? Just keep the original one in place and get another one mounted on the V/C and plumbed in parallel.
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    Who Drives a 07+ Tundra

    As with most answers, we need to know more from you to be exact in the details. Like what are you expecting to tow? Weight, and aerodynamics? What type of terrain, hills or flat land. Also what speed to you expect to tow? And what kind of fuel mileage do you want? I have a 04 cummins that tows...
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    Heater Hose T's - Do NOT Wait!!!

    What size are the ends? I saw 1 post of using a pex tube fitting of 3/4 on 2 ends and 1/2 on the leg of the T. Our 08 Sequoia has the same fittings and I would like to save a breakdown.
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    Builds Lexus LX450 Cummins 6bt/NV4500 swap

    Love the thread. The only advice I have as a guy who has a cummins powered dodge truck is to remove that FRAM oil filter. There was a TSB about them failing internally and clogging up the motor. I'm sure you will be fine with it, but a Fleetguard Stratapore filter is made for the engine...
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    08 Sequoia rear lift springs?

    Thanks, will give them a call and report back.
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    08 Sequoia rear lift springs?

    My only thought is does the IRS matter? Spring rate? Mind you that our Sequoia is the new body style. Has anyone done this without a spacer? Spent a few hours looking around and found very little. Only 1 person did it with custom springs, at least that said that they didn't use the spacer.
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    08 Sequoia rear lift springs?

    We have an 08 SR5 Sequoia without the airlift suspension. According to parts availability it is a rare lack of option. I have replaced the shocks with the silver bilsteins front and rear. The fronts have an adjustable perch, set on the lowest setting, .87 inches The rig seems to have a bit of a...
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    No Reverse in A343F, help!

    Closing the loop. Solenoids didn't change anything. Had to replace transmission with another used one from cruiserparts. The new one came missing the torque converter. So somewhere in UPS land is a converter. Vehicle is long gone. But it worked.
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    For Sale 2003 100 series

    I'm a local. What kind of Seattle mileage do you get? We are in the market, but have a Q7 to roll. Interested?
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    What hose is this? Need name and part number please!

    It is 5/16 hose, generic. Good luck finding metric hose. I couldn't.
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    Sexied Up the Snowbear

    Yes, costco and home depot. How much weight caused it to buckle? or was it the constant overloading. I have one and worried about the same thing.
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