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    Windshield Hood Latches

    Nooooooooo! I just recently ordered this part! Oh no looks like i just wasted lots of money i was just tempted by the design that is why i purchased it. lol lesson learned! read first before buying! :bounce2:
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    older jeep windshield wipers

    so looks like if you messed up with some jeep that is made between the year of 60's to 80's i think you will be having some difficulty in looking for some parts. for the windshield i already replaced mine because i hit a deer and i crash into my jeep windshield which it this. expensive! it gives...
  3. R Ansani Designs New Composite Jeep Hood Is 1970s-Retro

    im still confuse which one to get. i found a jeep hood on a certain site with this price and im still thinking which one is the best for my jeep? looks like your words are pretty convincing to me so looks like i will be getting from that site of yours. cheers.
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    Mid 80’s Jeep Wagoneer For Parts

    Good thing i found one already. Unfortunately i ended up buying a new part for it. I was just aiming for a used part but i ran out time so i dont have any choice but to get it right away from my dealer and it cost me a whooping wallet then i look on a certain website for the price of...
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    Mid 80’s Jeep Wagoneer For Parts

    same model to my jeep but looks like your jeep fenders is already not available. too bad i need it badly i just have a terrible mistake at parking my jeep and on this coming Saturday i will be attending a wedding and my jeep looks terrible bad i wanna replace it as soon as possible.
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    Builds Chicago builds a 40

    subscribed. i like this one! hands down!
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