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    New to the forum
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    New to the forum

    I would wait until a 55 expert hops on, but it looks like it would fit to me. Scroll through that thread, I just barely glimpsed at it.
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    New to the forum This thread claims 1979 is bolt for bolt identical to 1978
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    New to the forum

    Everything, helps with context, and I love seeing new cruisers from new members
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    New to the forum

    Pictures or it doesn’t exist :D
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    Request for advice where to start our 71 project

    PLEASE don’t repaint that! The color looks perfect! Love the mild patina look
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    Picture of frame

    Ignore previous messages, looks fine to me but wait for further consensus
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    Picture of frame

    Yea.....not sure why you have a C channel but I think it should be closed Edit: Well, I guess the rear is open a little.
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    Picture of frame

    I could be mistaken but aren’t FJ chasis usually closed, and not a C channel? Question for frame nerds
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    First 40, not sure where to start

    If you are going for a period correct diesel, go for a 2H. They usually came in long wheelbase models but I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to put one in a shorty. My dream engine tho would be a 1HDT diesel, although it would be a lot of work and such, but it’s been done. although, diesels are...
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    FJ40 Pics from "Back in the day" (70's, 80's)

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    Warn winch 8274

    double points? warren wench?
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    2.5" or 4" Lift...Shackles, Springs and Shocks

    I’ve seen a few threads, and some people upgrade from 2.5 to 4, others go from 4 to 2.5. I’m going to go straight to 4. Someone on one of my threads about lift options claimed that their 4 inch skyjacker had a better ride than their OME kit that they replaced. Skyjacker 4 inch is what I’m doing...
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    Welding in sheet metal. Help I think

    When in doubt, Chris fix. I’ve never welded before but Chris walks step by step
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    FJ40 Heritage Program Request

    We should make a list of common parts that we want to buy OEM here.
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