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    Registry U.S. 70's Registration.

    HJ75 Summers in TN Winter in Baja and So Cal
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    Do I need a "head" HJ75 with slight cracks in head

    Thanks for all your help.. quick update new Pre-CUPs arrived.. took about 10 days from Queensland and 14 from South Australia.. I ended up buying two sets .. just incase one got stuck in shipping.. head is going back tomorrow .. If anyone needs Pre cups i now have spares in California
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    Do I need a "head" HJ75 with slight cracks in head

    Thank you.. Looks like it is just the PRE-CUP's so now i am on the hunt for them .. Issue is the big provider in Australia is in Melbourne and just told me that shipments to the US can take 2 months ... I think my wife Cadillac will be missing an engine if I have to wait 2 months.
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    Do I need a "head" HJ75 with slight cracks in head

    Toyota 2H 4.2L Turbo Diesel
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    Do I need a "head" HJ75 with slight cracks in head

    Hi Mud dwellers ... I need advice .. My HJ75 Overlanding rig is in pieces with a bad head gasket ... 2H - is it just the PreCUP I have noticed slight fractures ... Is this a big issue .. Is this fixable I only run this around 4 - 6 PSI so i don't put much boast through it.. I am trying to...
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    For Sale HJ45/47 FJ45 Fiberglass Roof Restored

    Troops roofs are pretty rare in the US I will as a few of my buddies if they know... You could cheat and just get two regular roofs and make a troopy roof That one spent 5 years carefully stored in my attic ...
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    Anyone using the headlight with the built in turn signal?

    I am running knock off cheap ones in my work truck.. (Sorry not LC) $25 buck each at eBay - lasted 8 months before water got into one but still work. I have to setup a 12vlt regular bulb in engine bay as the LED blinkers did not draw enough power so they flashed super fast..
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    Centering the knuckle

    that is nice looking work.. I have done a few of mine and I cant remember ever taking that degree of care... I clean them up replace the seals grease the bearings use factory shims make sure hey are not nochy and then pump the centers full of molly grease normally at least two big tubes...
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    Where to apply RTV when replacing oil pan and main cap?

    I no longer buy gaskets for oil pans.... I just get a tube of "Right Stuff" - for Oil Applications All three of my Toyota Land cruisers have zero oil leaks now. Easier and it works so well.
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    SOLD FJ40 Front Doors - Restored (Pair) - newer version

    thanks everybody ... gone in hours..
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    SOLD  FJ40 Front Doors - Restored (Pair) - newer version

    I ended up using Fiberglass half doors fr my build, I had already had these body worked and painted but now they are just taking up space 1 door had rust that was cut out and repaired the other was in amazing shape. Both were painted over 3 years ago and are still near perfect. I am...
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    For Sale HJ47 / HJ45 Fiberglass Roof

    thanks all this is SOLD If a mod can mark that would be great , since it was moved i cannot edit..
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    Upholstery Thread

    I threw out the factory seats and went with something a bit more comfortable.. I used a marine UV Resistant Vinyl, Fabed up some metal door skins with built in cup holders.. Ford EcoLine Seats integrated seat belts & Arm Rests .. Custom Door skins .. I really like my Diamond design..
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    For Sale 7X series new body panels

    Yes however i can not get a magnet to stick to anything above the rail, I pulled a bunch of foam out form the inside, not bondo but expansion foam .. As I can not get replacement rail, I will be stripping it down and repairing..
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    For Sale 7X series new body panels

    do you have any roof Drip rail or front window A piller
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