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    Weird distributor issue

    Thanks guys! I splurged on a new cap and it's running great. I didn't know a distributor cap could wear out!
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    Weird distributor issue

    Huh, ok thanks. It is a new cap, but maybe I got a bad one. They're cheap, so maybe I'll try another one.
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    Weird distributor issue

    So every 2 or 3 times I drive the cruiser it starts to run rough: sputtering while accelerating and feeling like it might stall. I take off the distributor cap and there is a spot of oily substance dead center on the rotor. I wipe off the oily stuff and it returns to running great. Anyone have...
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    Take-apart door hinges

    Just took my doors off for summer. What a treat with Matt's hinges!! Took about one minute. Thanks Matt!
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    new shocks

    I love my Bilsteins. Kinda spendy but worth it.
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    Where can I get some sliders like this?

    Man-a-fre has a few different options. I like their sliders with the step built in. Someday.....
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    FJ40 in Maine

    Just sent you a PM...
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    How many times have you needed a tow??

    I guess it's inevitable with these old trucks. For me, twice. First time, shortly after I bought my '71, I was having fuel delivery issues and needed a tow of about 5 miles to my mechanic. Turns out the PO had the main fuel and fuel return lines mixed up, so all that fuel was trying to get...
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    Take-apart door hinges

    Last weekend I installed Matthew's take-apart door hinges on my passenger side. I was going to wait until I took the doors off anyway for summer, but decided that I wanted the satisfaction of just popping them off when things warm up. Next chance I get I'll do the driver side. Great product...
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    1977 fj40 doors won't fit body mounts shot?

    I just installed those hinges on my passenger side door this past weekend. My door wasn't as crooked as the OP's, but not great either. 69LC's hinges seem to have more room for adjustment then the originals and now my door is perfectly straight. Plus, this summer I'll be able to take them off...
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    ^^^ Steering wheel looks sweet! :beer:
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    1977 fj40 doors won't fit body mounts shot?

    Try loosening all seven bolts on both hinges and then position the door how you want it and tighten em up. There's actually a lot of adjustment room with those hinges. The four bolts on the inside are a PITA to get to but easier if you remove your gauge cluster and go in from there.
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    Brake Cylinders- NAPA or CCOT

    I just had a great experience ordering from But for local stuff I really like my neighborhood NAPA. I go to CCOT or SOR for the hard to find parts.
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    1967 FJ40 dies when starting up hill in 1st

    Your pcv valve should not "just pop out". There should be a rubber grommet that holds it in place. When seated correctly, it's actually quite difficult to remove, and it definitely would not pop out on its own.
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    Fuel tank return line on 71' FJ40

    When I bought my '71, the tank only had a supply line. The return line from the carb was capped off. HTH
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