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    For Sale CDN M101

    Trailer is sold. It's staying with my old hzj77.
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    I was missing it 2 mins after you drove away
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    For Sale  CDN M101

    Sold my HZJ77 so my trailer is up for sale. The tongue has been extended but kept the original pintle set up. Has a welded three bike rack on the front and a welded rack to hold a rooftop tent. ARB awning and aluminum lid. Spring over and hubs swapped out to 6x5.5 email if interested as that...
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    Truck was picked up yesterday by new owner. Mike is a great guy, hope he enjoys it as much as I did
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    It's up for sale. Deal pending
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    So I found out Friday that my insurance company is putting my truck as a total loss. So option 1 fix it and keep driving it or option 2 sell it. It will have a salvage title but as an exception so it can go back on the road, or part it out. Looking for 8000-9000 for the truck
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    Wanted WTB: 70 series rear seatbelts (brown)

    Simonliew I'm going to his shop at some point today I can ask him if he has any or you can call his shop at 204-488-0777
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    Wanted WTB: 70 series rear seatbelts (brown)

    Try Simon Liew here on mud I think he ell have some
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    For Sale 5 New in the box

    What's the back spacing
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    For Sale BJ70 BJ74 and other 70 Series Door Panels

    Interested too but I can't see anything from the original post just pictures
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    They may not give me an option as to what happens. They may fix it yet, now they are waiting for an estimate on the bodywork just minor scratches really. Like they couldn't do that 2 months ago. If they deem it a total loss yes I have the option to by it back not sure at what price and the total...
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    So finally hear a little more after 3 months they sent an appraiser to look at my truck and he comes up with a cash value of 11-12k for my truck, now what I don't understand is in his report he says these trucks sell in between 8-28k but mine is only worth 11-12k but after a weekend of camping...
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    For Sale Toyota landcruiser HJZ75 series PU for sale

    Just curious on your wheel set up. What are they from, what's the back spacing did you have a problem with fitment
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    For Sale 70 Series Fender Flares & Mud Flaps

    Email me about the mudflaps
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