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    2F rebuild or adjustment - help

    I get some smoke from time to time. Usually at start up after I have been driving for a while, when it's warmed up. Like today after stopping for lunch. Not bad but some. I figure smoke meant a rebuild might be needed. The PO said it was rebuilt just before he had it repainted which was...
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    2F rebuild or adjustment - help

    So, I have been contemplating whether my 78 40 needs to stay in my garage or move on to another one (someone else's). My 40 is de-smogged and has the original Aisan Carb and probably Dizzy. When I drive it, the exhaust fume smell can be rough. Not while driving but when I start it up in the...
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    UC chat

    @Kajun, glad you are back on this side of the pond. In reference to your comment about being Toyotaless..... The last time I saw you, on trash pick up at Jones Gap you said... "I will be in Germany for a couple years and when I get back, I'm gonna get a 200 series." :slap: :grinpimp: Just do it!
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    Cruisers spotted in the Upstate.....

    Saw this at the Marriott in downtown Spartanburg earlier this week
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    Seat extension pre-79 40

    Someone asked me about this yesterday. I thought I would bump the original post in the event that anyone here is looking for some extra leg room in their stock 40. It was a necessity for me. :steer:
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    Went to Cruiser Museum in SLC again, thought Id post pics this time

    Awesome Pics.... Thanks for sharing
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    Cruisers spotted in the Upstate.....

    Unless he moved, that guy that runs the fabrication shop is heavily involved in the Wounded Warrior project. I/we used to have the storage facility that you were parked at taking the picture. He had a Firebird or Camaro that was painted up that he took to shows with Wounded Warrior Project...
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    For Sale / Wanted To Buy

    That has scam written all over it. 79+ bezel up front, too. I wonder where the guy is located? I am guessing it would need to be paid for then "shipped" to the buyer. I hate that stuff like this goes on.
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    Primitive'ish camping

    Burrell's Ford area is a great option. Lots of primitive camping on the SC side right on the Chattooga River. It's about 1/4 mile from the parking lot so a little walk but not bad. Other options in that area are closer to vehicles but a little tougher to locate. Another option is to go to a...
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    Hardtop storage solution

    In my experience, once you get the posts that are just rearward of the door, clear of the tub, you can walk it back. So, 8-10" would be enough. I am just not sure how you would get the strap/hoist system connected before you got it that high. I just get in the bed of mine after removing all...
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    Hardtop storage solution

    I would really like to know how much the top actually weighs. The reason I ask is that I have heard 250# but I can lift it and move it by myself on my back/shoulders. I would estimate mine to be more like 150# but I really don't know. as for the dolly... That was one of my options. I was...
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    Hardtop storage solution

    I am not sure what issues I will have with the window seals. I put the tension on the large ratchet strap and also the smaller strap once I had it up because I wasn't sure how much I trusted the hooks as mentioned in the post above. What is your concern with the seal? Flattening it out? I...
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    Hardtop storage solution

    The hoist is considered a kayak hoist. It is similar to the one pictured and actually is listed as 125# capacity. This is why I had the large 10,000# ratchet strap hooked up while I was using it. The pulley system had no issues hoisting it and I am sure the rope is more than enough to carry...
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    Hardtop storage solution

    I have a 78 model 40-series that I keep topless most of the time. I have owned a mini-warehouse facility for the past 10 years so when it was off, I had a place to store it away from home. A few months ago, we got a sales contract on the property so I had to go pick up the top. I put it back...
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    Law enforcement or scdmv offical needed

    Yes, I am pretty sure is the Highway Patrol. I know a guy who did that with a crate built motorcycle. This should be similar.
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