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    Cagle fuel regulator

    Wow, been awhile! I do have one regulator just checked,but not sure about the instruction paperwork though. If you want the regulator then donate $50 bucks to Ron Paul's Money bomb which ends at midnight tonight. E-mail me your donation receipt and shipping address. (plus 10 bucks to cover...
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    Ok so my first weld looks like hell.....

    Something else you can do is to section your welds, and use some naval jelly to discolor the weld metal vs the base material. Just cut-apply naval jelly-wait-rinse off w/water. So you can see the weld fusion profile: I cut the spray/short fillet above and set camera to 'macro' mode.
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    Ok so my first weld looks like hell.....

    The little (135/175) Millers used something called wirespeed tracking, and I think the machine will try to balance the wirespeed for you according to what volt tap setting your using. I've never used a machine with this feature, so the following may be of no use- Melt-through won't be a...
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    Ok so my first weld looks like hell.....

    Do both. Mig does not dig too much, so it will sit on top if your just running beads on the plate. Set up a couple pieces into joints, butt,lap,tee... the t-joint is one of the easier ones (for mig) fwiw. Here are two pictures of some short t-fillets, 1 is short circuit and one is spray...
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    Welder Wiring

    "that is tight, is this for a hobby or do you build things for work? i know is at your house. Lucky" Camcruiser Thank you. Hobby I guess. "I have one question though, are those going to become leak points where you fastened the strut to the building? I've never done work in a quonset hut...
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    Dumb Electrical Question - Wiring

    THis is wrong. Do you have picture of a plug or other device showing what you did? The white book is decent for general house wiring stuff, and the yellow one is quite good, but is not a 'how to' type book.
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    Welder Wiring

    fj40charles, I am not qualified to quote Nec code violations, best I can do is provide a link from my 'favorites'. ' For who will read this thread; fj40charles's statement is not accurate, however I am not going to do the work required to...
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    Welder Wiring

    It came with the property, I would think of it more as a fancy shed thats real cold in the winter and real hot in the summer. But its good for welding type activities, minimal worries about sparks. With this style you can get close to the wall up to about 3' stuff taller like with shelving...
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    Welder Wiring

    No, there are only two circuits. A 70 amp breaker and a 50 amp brkr from power panel. Two of the machines are hardwired on the 70amp run and the rest are fed through receptacles (6-50r) on the 50amp circuit.
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    Welder Wiring

    Thanks. Home shop, and have been doing some upgrades to it this winter, the wiring was one of the improvement projects It used to have only one outlet for the arc welding equipment, and that is something I hated for awhile.
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    Welder Wiring

    Got my wiring circuits in for the welders this weekend and thought some would like a look. Good exuse to use ma star and get rid of the 'you need to post something' automatic forum notice. First pic is just the receptacle to a welder, the second is a extension cord receptacle whose drop is...
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    Anyone using a Hobart Handler 187 MIG - on sale for $600 locally

    Geeze, nothing wrong with taps, go buy it and get welding.
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    Favorite Tools

    Here is one of my prized tools- The saw not the engine hoist
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    Need info on welding wire.

    If you are going to run a mix and use solid wire, just stock the .024 consumables- That machine will run out of gas with the larger wires- it won't run hotter or give you any more 'penetration' because you only have a certain amount of amps to work with and an .024 wire can use all the MM135...
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    Need info on welding wire.
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