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    Why does everyone keep the hardtop on

    No, it's a gigantic pain to take the hardtop off is my guess....
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    looks awesome man....I knew it had potential, but that's beyond what I ever's the winch looking nowadays??
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    For Sale Scepter fuel cans/accessories, Kansas City

    Do you know if the suction assembly can be used with the scepter water cans too, or are they just for fuel?
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    200-Mark's New Roof Rack Clamps

    ok so a rack the size of the 40 roof with a bunch of gear, or a RTT with two people pushing 250 lbs apiece?? My guess was 6 clamps instead of just 4, or maybe that's just too much weight for the gutters??
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    200-Mark's New Roof Rack Clamps

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    200-Mark's New Roof Rack Clamps

    Hey Mark. Would I need 4 or 6 for a 74 40 series??
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    For Sale WA - Bunch of parts for sale (FJ40 and some 3FE)

    HEY!! sorry about that....o_O:cry: Other than the sawdust, I used a whole roll of packing tape to send you the PTO and winch to make sure the box wouldn't come open on shipment
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    SOLD Short jump sear FJ40

    not a bad price....for one. Right in line with some I sold recent and in similar condition.
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    SOLD SoCal: Not A Flamethrower

    awe. I totally would have blown my stimulus check on this!!
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    For Sale 1973 FJ40 motor and drivetrain for sale

    If you don't want to ship, I have one I can sell bmorefj40 that he could pickup.
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    For Sale 1973 FJ40 motor and drivetrain for sale

    I'd be willing to ship a trans, transfer, and I'll throw in a bellhousing for free if Big Buck's deal falls through at $200. Honestly, you're close enough to me that you could pick it up....
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    SOLD Fj40 upper dash pad

    $60 shipped
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    SOLD Half doors or donors for a 74'

    I have a set you can have, but they'll need some work on the bottoms
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    Wanted  Hannibal Classic RTT jumbo flysheet and/or annex

    Anybody have a hannibal jumbo fly sheet and/or annex for a hannibal classic RTT they want to sell??
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