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    For Sale mercedes OM 314 diesel

    it's gone....SOLD!
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    For Sale mercedes OM 314 diesel's all stock Brazilian style. They replaced these in the early 90's with the Toyota 13b
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    For Sale  mercedes OM 314 diesel

    Anyone interested in a promising, complete Mercedes Benz OM314 four cylinder diesel? I also have a 4 speed tranny. It's been sitting a few years, I had it running for about 3 seconds & gave up. It was in an 86 "Bandeirante" I'm trying to restore. The odometer says 487410 km. Will consider...
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    Bandeirante  my bandeirante

    I just found this baby on VI.
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    Wanted I need a rear door

    you noticed....good eye! I have a project ahead of me! I just got this thing , it's been out of commission for a couple years now. I'm going to try my best to make it stock. I may need to win the lotto
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    Wanted I need a rear door

    pics sorry it took so long......I may need a few things yet. I just got this baby!
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    Wanted I need a rear door

    As soon as I figure out how! i'm just a rookie newbie. thx!
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    Wanted  I need a rear door

    I just acquired an "86" OJ50vl-b bandeirante, and was hoping on finding a rear door in decent shape. It's approximately 42"x42". I'm not sure if any fj-40, or bj-50 will do. Thanks
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