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    GSMTR - Complete Newby to Wheeling, but Planning to Attend

    There's always a bunch of georgia people who head up there. stlca does a good job of having milder rides and then some more moderate stuff (not sure how into wheeling the 40 you are). Pretty sure they have something at the pavilion that says what the trails they are going on the day before then...
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    Where do you take your 100 series for service/repair

    why not use the money you'd use on getting a shop to do all this stuff to get some good tools and do it yourself. Removing AHC, lifting, installing bumpers require nothing special other than some hand tools and you'll gain some knowledge of the car in the process. Engine work is more detailed...
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    No high beam

    yeah I don’t remember the full process but I believe there was a thread on doing it somewhere. I bought the switch and basically pulled the steering wheel (if you’ve got airbags do this part correctly) and started tearing down the front lower dash. It really was a pretty easy process but you’ll...
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    Show me your fj cruiser steelies on 37’s.

    I think the misinformation part might be on your end from not understanding both backspacing and offset. All the wheels we were talking about have 4.5 in backspacing but each has different offset which changes where the position of the tire is. Which is why 80 alloys (4.5 backspace, 0 offset)...
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    Show me your fj cruiser steelies on 37’s.

    Bro it’s cool i’m not the mud police or anything. Post whatever. The wheel specs are above which is literally the only thing needed out of a thread like this
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    Show me your fj cruiser steelies on 37’s.

    cool. The OP was asking about fj cruiser steelies so i don't know why this thread is littered with non steelies information. Fj cruiser steelies are +15mm offset which is inset that amount which is why true sized 37s rub on the radius arms. 80 stock alloys are 0 offset which is why yours (and...
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    Show me your fj cruiser steelies on 37’s.

    both 80 series alloys and fj cruiser steelies are 4.5 backspacing and with true sized 37s you'll run into issues with rubbing on radius arms on steering lock to lock. when I had the fj cruisers with my MTRs they rubbed like crazy on the radius arms but i attribute that to the MTRs being so big...
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    Headlight Socket Seals

    you’ll have to go through eBay. There’s two sellers one in Cali and the other in like Latvia. But I’d assume either would be able to get those if it’s possible. Seems like the best bet since even used headlights are still expensive. Or just buy the depos since stock headlights suckkk
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    Headlight Socket Seals

    Depos come with them. You can probably see if the manufacturer will well you just those
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    Ga. Cruisers Chat Thread

    that’s one ugly ass 200
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    Let's see your tailgate carpet replacement mods

    I made a fake ass wagongear tailgate lid a while ago and its been good for dragging pretty much anything across it for the past 5 years. Its not hard to take a piece of HDPE and cut out the carpet profile if you wanted to and if you can learn to use some open source 2D CAD software you could get...
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    Outer Diameter of 80 axles

    Pretty sure when my brother swapped 80 axles under his 62 he used the ruff stuff 3” OD perches and we used a grinder to open it up a bit. That’s on the rear axle. The front is not really an upgrade from your 40 axles except for the width. 9.5” vs 8” pinion but the birfs are bigger on the 80 as...
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    1993 FZJ80 Rear Brake Caliper Replacement needed from local auto parts (AAP, Napa, AutoZone)

    what he posted were front calipers, you need the rears which have only one piston
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    Opinion: Replace head-gasket or nah?

    I'd wait for ACC to do it. I talked with Brian last time I was there and he had maybe two rebuilt/refinished heads sitting waiting to be dropped in for HG 80s. He told me it would take 2 days to finish. If they are booked out to the beginning of Dec then the time frame for having it back running...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    the right answer is don’t start going sideways downhill... Put tranny in low and tc in low and turn on whatever lockers you have. Engine brake the whole way down Or just go on a bypass
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