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    Wanted Late model catalytic converter

    @ToyotaMatt I really appreciate the offer. At this point I think if I can't find a factory Toyota cat I'm going to run without one, I'm not in an emissions area so I'll be okay. More than anything I just want a Toyota cat for the cool factor of keeping my truck all original.
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    Wanted Late model catalytic converter

    Did you buy your cat from a LC shop or just an ordinary muffler shop?
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    Wanted Late model catalytic converter

    He sold it. Still looking...
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    For Sale SoCal: Section 154-1979 and newer front seat back covers

    @65swb45 can you do $75 shipped to Oregon?
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    Wanted  Late model catalytic converter

    Factory Toyota 79+, these have a special bung for a temp sensor. Thanks
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    Body hinge cushion material

    I am about to have a newly painted truck to reassemble...very exciting. I am however, concerned about hanging the front doors, ambulance doors and spare tire carrier on the tub without having some sort of gasket in place between hinges and tub. What are folks using? I have successfully used...
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    Vendor NOS OEM FJ40, FJ45, HJ47, BJ42 radio

    @FJ40GURU is this a factory North America radio you are selling? And for what year trucks?
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    For Sale SoCal: Section 154-1979 and newer front seat back covers

    @65swb45 , do you have the black gaskets that go around the perimeter of each seat back too?
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    Exhaust heat shield identification

    The heat shields that I picked up did not fit my exhaust manifold. They probably came off a non-2F engine.
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    Who's currently making the best replacement panels?

    I just received a driver's side floor pan yesterday from Real Steel. Initially I was very impressed with the quality of work, but after looking at against the factory floor I am less impressed. My plan was to cut out a small section and use it as a patch, it will work great for this. If I was...
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    FJ40 Roof - how do I seal it to body at front??

    @GA Architect and others. I'm noticing on two of my late model hardtops some black factory caulking before the 64836-90332 packing gasket, in both left and right top corners. Has anyone noticed this before, and what are folks using as a replacement? Seems like I've seen an aftermarket neoprene...
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    1979 FJ 40 Radiator Hose Part Number expertise

    SOR had the discontinued part in stock a couple weeks back. That's the route I went when I found out it was discontinued.
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    For Sale Oregon. Con-Ferr/JTO front light bar for FJ40

    Yes, that would be fine by me.
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    For Sale  Oregon. Con-Ferr/JTO front light bar for FJ40

    I'm exactly sure who makes this item. It's in great shape, I don't think there's a scratch on it. Mounts to factory front bumper. $100. Located just south of Portland Oregon.
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