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    OV 93 Octane

    I’m looking to purchase a 2016 TRD off-road that has an OV 93 Octane tune—I know very little about engines and tunes but I understand this gives the truck additional power. From what I’m reading, tuning to a 93 octane requires you run that level of gas. In other words, I can’t run an 87 octane...
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    Buying a Taco with 250k

    #1 I'm looking to buy a fully built out Tacoma with 250k. Am I stupid for buying a vehicle with that many miles? and am I overpaying? This would be my first overlander--I'm just trying to get into it. Here is what the seller said about it--haven't see yet. I'm looking at it on Saturday...
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    Wanted 1st Gen Tacoma 4x4

    Looking for a 1st Gen Tacoma double cab. Needs to be 4x4. price point goal is between 5 and 7k. At that price I can’t be too picky about color, but would love black, grey, or green.
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