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    Overland Expo West

    I wonder if there will any roof top tents or tactical gear on display?
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    Events/Trails Four days on the beach 1/31 - 2/3

    I can understand no Jeeps, but what about RAMs with Magic Dials? :cool:
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    Murf is now at Riverview Toyota - OEM parts and service for CSC

    Glad to hear that things worked out for you Murf.
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    Smoking Tire deal BFG KO LT315/70R17

    What do you need the rims for Phil? :cool:
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    NEW LOCATION for the November 15, 2019 CSC Monthly Meeting 7:30pm

    I hope that pool is heated.
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    Off to Rocky Point for some beach wheeling

    Are Power Wagons allowed on the beach? *nevermind, passport expired six months ago. sad times
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    1992 FJ80 for sale

    Those Coconino editions are extremely rare.
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    Overland Expo West 2019

    With mixed emotions, I plan on going Saturday for the day. Now, do you still have to PAY to see VENDORS that are trying to SELL you stuff? (see where my emotions come from)
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    Any ARB dealers?

    (866) 293-9078. Had a LED light go out in my 63qt. fridge, they sent me two. Free.
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    Anybody have some LX450 wheel caps they'd like to part with?

    I need dos por favor. PM me if you do, thanks. -don-
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    Body shop referral

    Ric's in the Scottsdale Airpark near Costco. Ric's Autobody and Paint Unfortunately I've had the opportunity to have several vehicles treated there over the years. Excellent work and a USAA preferred shop (which is how I found them in the first place 15 years ago).
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    2020 Land Cruiser - Heritage Edition

    3.5 L Twin V6 with a 10 speed? Oh please Baby Jesus, let this not be another collaboration, this time with Ferd!!!
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    CSC August Meeting Agenda 8.24.2018 *Lots of stuff to cover* Feature Vehicle*

    Well 80 or probably 100. Downside for us tall guys, you can't put the seat all the way back. 100 may be better, but check the fit. Otherwise solid jug. both sides have ports.
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