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    SOLD  North Idaho

    60 Series ARB Old Man Emu Shocks and Steering Dampener for 3-4" lift bought new in 2007. None appear to be leaking so I am offering these to a fellow "WHEELER" for free pickup. These shocks will accommodate up to a 4" lift. Local only please.
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    Wont get up to operating temp

    I had the same problem in my 62 and I found the thermostat housing itself had deteriorated on it's contact surface allowing water to bypass the thermostat.
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    SOLD Upper Thermostat Housing 88-90 FJ62

    Thanks to all for getting back to me, I found what I need in short time.... What a great crowd we have here!!!
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    SOLD Upper Thermostat Housing 88-90 FJ62

    3_ is correct, it is year & model specific. It is also threaded for one of the many sensors. Thanks
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    SOLD  Upper Thermostat Housing 88-90 FJ62

    Upper Thermostat Housing 88-90 FJ62 w/ good threads & thermostat sealing surface wanted. Thanks
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    62 Long Range Fuel Tank Pump Options

    That's what I needed to know, Thanks. I wasn't quite sure if OEM was still available.... I have noticed quite a fluctuation in prices on OEM parts- e.g. dealer vs parts houses. It is always the safest bet to check with fellow mudheads before shelling out bucko dinero to the dealer.
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    62 Long Range Fuel Tank Pump Options

    I'm finally gonna bite the bullet and fork out for a bigger fuel tank now that I now have reason to suspect my 15 year old fuel pump is on its last leg anyways. I might as well replace the pump & strainer simultaneously and would like to hear any sucess/ failure experiences of a replacement pump...
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    Brighter Headlights for FJ60???

    Look, you need to do wire mods and install a relay to use these H1/H4 bulbs in any 60 series unless you vehicle has been previously modified the lights will work for a short time before you start to blow stuff up. Do your research and contact the manufacturer such as the Hella Tech Dept or just...
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    Man A Fre Shackle Reversal Questions/ Inital Impressions

    Good research but again I never had a body lift on anything but the "Death Wobble" you mention sounds entirely too extreme for that simple lift and I can't help but think you have some underlying issues lurking somewhere..... somethings seriously off somewhere. Steering, tie rods, bushings...
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    FJ62 Fuel Pump Location

    I had my tank re- lined years ago and have since installed a drawer system and the gasoline is so lousy anymore as is my mileage I have been drooling over that long range tank for years but concerned about it dragging in my unconventional form of four wheeling. I am hoping to do that tank, while...
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    Man A Fre Shackle Reversal Questions/ Inital Impressions

    I used everything supplied in the kit. I never heard back from Matt and didn't have the problem he is mentioning. My point is at least in my kit the Dakar leaf spring's are reversible to achieve the amount of lift you desire. It makes sense to me, he has a body lift so idk how that comes into...
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    My 1st Land Cruiser

    Nice! I didn't think those dash pads were even available anymore? Where did you find it?
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    Looking For the Correct Offset With 35x12.5 Mudders With 4" Lift?

    After breaking the bead on my 15x10 aluminum rims aired down I hope to jump into some beadlocks and hopefully can find some 15x8's with the correct offset? Any ideas or experiences would be great. I have the Dakar, OME lift w/ reverse shackle currently running Bilstiens. Thanks
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    Man A Fre Shackle Reversal Questions/ Inital Impressions

    I have had that same lift with the shackle reversal for 15 years with zero issues. My understanding is that the leaf springs are reversible and depending on which end is facing forward will create either a 4" lift or spinning it around provides the 2.5- 3" lift depanding on the the location of...
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    4" Old Man Emu Heavy Lift Driveline Angles

    when engaging in 4 wheel drive there is vibration coming from the tcase area, mainly under deacceleration.
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