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    For Sale FZJ80 wheels set of 5 Spokane, WA

    Pending sale
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    For Sale FZJ80 wheels set of 5 Spokane, WA

    Lol yeah definitely feels that way. Sorry I didn’t clarify it’s a set of 5. Sounds good I come to the west side regularly. I’m in long view today actually
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    For Sale FZJ80 wheels set of 5 Spokane, WA

    I know I did but I lost a lot of stuff in the divorce so I’ll have to look when i get home this weekend. There’s a decent chance I still have them. Are you interested if I do?
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    For Sale FZJ80 wheels set of 5 Spokane, WA

    I’m not sure how active the mud ship page is but that’s an option. I can likely get the tires to Seattle if that helps because I drive there frequently for work so I can probably fit them in my 4Runner in one or two trips.
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    For Sale  FZJ80 wheels set of 5 Spokane, WA

    I have a set of five 80 series wheels from my rig I sold. They won’t fit a 5th gen 4Runner much to my disappointment so I’m going to free up some garage space. Some scuffs but decent overall shape. Tires are 50% or less TOYO open country 295’s. They are the shank style, NON-acorn. $300 and can...
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    For Sale 1997 LX450 supercharged WA state

    Sad sad day, but happy for the new owners!
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    For Sale  1997 LX450 supercharged WA state

    Sold....... :frown: I've finally decided to sell my 80 although I know I'm probably going to regret it. It has been my dream rig since Jr. High and I didn't think I'd ever sell it. I've spent a lot of time maintaining it but I've only had the time to take it on a few mild trails. Its a third...
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    MUDShip  Grand Junction to SLC anytime.

    I am looking to get a couple of old Honda 3 wheelers atc90 from Grand Junction Colorado to Salt Lake City Utah sometime before December preferably. Perhaps someone is coming to cruiserfest with an empty trailer or has room? Thanks in advance Nick
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    For Sale NV 100 series (LX470) FSM, oil filters, engine skirts

    The filters are Mobil 1 M1-209 Extended Performance Oil Filter. They retail for 12.99 on amazon. Just make me an offer.
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