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    17 Glove box door - installation steps

    I am planning to change the glove box door. Can someone please point the steps to replace the door? I wanted to evaluate whether it is easy to replace the door myself and save money on labor. Thanks...
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    200 Series Engine Seized at 58,000 miles ?? What to do?

    Of that magnitude, yes.
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    200 Series Engine Seized at 58,000 miles ?? What to do?

    This is just unfortunate. It seems I was oversold on reliability, dependability and quality of LC 200. I think there could be some undocumented history to this engine. What could be the odds of this hitting to someone else engine? Or is it just a freak case? Seems need to be on top regular...
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    200 series picture thread

    I spotted a 80 series Land Cruiser while driving a 200 series in Wilton, CT. Not sure if it belongs to someone on the forum. Perhaps, need to post on 80 series thread. It had a Veteran tag of state Maine.
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    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    Looks fine to me for a north East LC. I have a Connecticut driven used 2017 LC with 46k miles. If you like to compare, you will find pics of undercarriage of my car in one of the posts I had made back in 2020.
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Are those stock wheels? If yes, did you repaint them at a body shop ? I am also planning to do something like that... just don’t know the available options. Thanks
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    Bronze Wheels on Gray 200

    Looks great. What color is that plasti dip and how long does that last? I like to try that out. Did you do it yourself? edited: I just saw you mentioned the color as Bronze.
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    17 LC - cool box leather lid

    I got the new cover from Amazon. Economical and does the job for me.
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    200 series picture thread

    Looks great! What is the tire size and brand? Are those trd wheels with an offset of 60mm?
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    17 LC - cool box leather lid

    Is it easy to fit? Based on reviews, it seems to crease out on opening and makes the small compartment on top of cool box inaccessible. Is that true?
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    17 LC - cool box leather lid

    I think you are right... I called a dealer and he provided the same part number. However, I thought this would do the job.
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    17 LC - cool box leather lid

    That is a good option
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    17 LC - cool box leather lid

    Does anybody know the part number of leather lid or armrest that closes the cool box? Also, are there any instructions anywhere on forum to replace that? I don’t see any screws visible to naked eye. Thanks.
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    Cabin Filter Warning Labels

    Sent $. Thanks
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