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    HDJ81 Reverse Beeper

    mine is a '90 and it has the reverse alarm
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    1HDT Oil Options in the US

    Rotella 15w-40 change every 5000km
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    Looking for feedback on HDJ81 for US use

    Ive owned a 1990 HDJ81 in Canada for 10 years now. 4 years ago the injection pump went, cost 4,500$ to have rebuilt, injectors included. I bought the truck for 15,000$ and have EASILY put another 15,000$ into it in 10 years ( incl maintanance & mods ). Not a cheap vehicle to drive, but THE...
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    34" skinny tires on an 80...anyone running?

    part number 42601-AF010 I believe they are Tundra steel spares
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    34" skinny tires on an 80...anyone running?

    checking for rub, none. 850j 1" spacer 863 heavy rear
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    34" skinny tires on an 80...anyone running?

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    34" skinny tires on an 80...anyone running?

    Q78 HDJ81
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    2020 Tire Thread

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac
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    Rear passenger side axle pop, pop, pop, ... only at low speed

    prob a sticking u-joint, may feel tight under the truck but when braking would sound like a slight ping or a popping sound...
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    Why is my 80 leaking? (1HD-T)

    either injector pump leaking and needs rebuild ( $$$$$ ) OR ACSD is leaking, needs to be removed and replaced with a block-off plate ( $ ) clean the area well, go for a drive and cross your fingers it aint the pump. I was in for 4,000$ when mine went.
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    Axles and Birfields, Again....Seriously?

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    HDJ winch to which battery?

    well thats what I figured is to go off my DS battery and not the one blocked with the labels. turns out the PS battery w the yellow labels is the battery that is wired to the starter. Which would make this the main cranking battery would it not? I wired the winch to the DS battery and it...
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    HDJ winch to which battery?

    wondering which battery a winch should be wired up to on an HDJ81... the one on the RHD DS, or the PS one that is blocked off with a note saying ' do not use this battery for jump starting '? Thanks in advance!
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    First Lift Attempt

    at least a 1" spacer up front, unless you got the J coils you will still be nose down
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    First Lift Attempt

    youll want a 1" spacer to be level if thats what you are going for... brake lines and caster correction ( bushings / plates ) are a must, Id skip the panhard and s*** unless you go over 3"
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