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    1996 Lexus LX 450 Spongey Brake Pedal Issue

    Somewhere there is a thread where you have to activate ABS, bleed brakes, (do this several times). 463K miles! wow! I would replace all rubber brake hoses and check the booster and its vacuum hose (cracks/leaks). There are reports that brake boosters fail out of the box, especially if you get...
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    Slee Shortbus bumper

    That looks nice BerettaMato! What model of comeup winch is that?
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    Power Sterring pump/Gears...

    Scaring the power steering gear will cause that noise. It is documented in several threads.
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    Have you seen an 80 this rusted out?

    Be patient. The right cruiser will come. Not to steer you clear of the 80 series but test drive the GX470. Prices are coming down on these rigs and the 2UZ is a wonderful engine.
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    Fluctuating Charge Light

    Sounds like the bearings are noisy too. You will need to replace those. I would rather get a reman Toyota or replacement Denso alternator.
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    Fluctuating Charge Light

    With all your diagnosis it seems to be related to the alternator. Is it still the original?
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    O2 Left or O2 Right?

    This is what is used for the shield: 8943760030. As for the gasket, it should come with the O2 sensor. You could reuse the O2 gasket.
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    Merry Christmas to me!

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    Bannana needs help. 30mm crank bolt siezed?

    harbor freight 3/4 will work.
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    Bannana needs help. 30mm crank bolt siezed?

    X2 on the fully charged battery. Is the breaker bar tied under the frame? I disconnected the main distributor wire (just incase the engine would start). Give it more than a second bump. The sound scared the $hit out of me when I bumped the starter! Also, I did not use a SST to tighten it up. An...
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    For sale: 96 LX 450

    Put this in the classifieds: FJ80 | FZJ80 | LX450 | HDJ81
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    Alternator re insertion help

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    Alternator re insertion help

    Here is a copy of the FSM.
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    Weird Noise

    Check underneath. Sounds like scraping. Look at the drive shafts and brakes.
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    Thoughts on a high mile GX470 w KDSS

    Sounds like a good deal with complete service records. Was the T-belt and water pump replaced?
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