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    Lack of paint on tailgate.

    Me too...
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    For Sale  Black Weathertech Liners 2008-2011y

    No longer available
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    Oil & Filter Change for LC200

    If you stick the end of a shop vac hose in your oil fill hole and turn it on, you can remove the oil plug and install the Fumoto valve without losing any oil or making a mess. I usually throw a sock over the end of the hose to help keep the hose stuffed in the hole. It never ends up with any...
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    Remote Start?

    It's a factory toyota oversight. My 2012 Grand Cherokee has factory remote start. I start it remotely and the doors stay locked. I unlock it by the handle with my FOB in my pocket and it stays running. I can hop in but it's not shifting or moving until I touch the brake and hit the starter...
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    Free stuff

    Thanks for the response. I decided against the project I was thinking about doing so I will not need the 200 parts. These parts are still available.
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    Free stuff

    Email sent on 200 parts.
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    Check out the new credit card Lexus key fob

    I've looked into this before and I don't think that it is possible to program one to a 200. There are some codes that have to match up. At least 3 that I know of. 2 on the outside and 1 on the inside on the board itself. From what I can tell, no Lexus Smart Cards have matching codes. I've...
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    2013 Land Cruiser on 20" Platinum Wheels

    20" Platinum Wheels on a 200 For the curious who can't wait, it will look somthing like this.
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