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    Land Cruiser 200 Build

    Looks nice. Where did they relocate the button(s) like for brake assist?
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    Land Cruiser 200 Build

    Looks awesome! Let's see pics of the switch pros mount! :)
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    Events/Trails Cruise Moab 2019

    Camping is one of my favorite activities, but when it's below freezing I don't love it. A hot shower, hot food, cold drinks, cards and movies with a bunch of buddies under one roof is a lot more enjoyable this time of year. We had a really nice place that averaged out to $57 a person for the...
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    Events/Trails Cruise Moab 2019

    I don't know what you're talking about. :poof: No camping on this trip. It was unseasonably cold, windy and snowy, and it would have been miserable to camp. I had to work a full day on Friday, so I actually flew into town and flew home. The flight on Sunday got canceled as a nasty storm rolled...
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    Events/Trails Cruise Moab 2019

    I spent the weekend in Moab scouting a new trail for Cruise Moab 2019 and had a blast. We'll be announcing the new trail and trail scheduling in the near future, so stay tuned! Most of the trail looked like this, so it was a little work to lead it juggling the ipad, ham, inreach, camera/phone...
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    LX Crossing Flooded Waters

    Wow what terrible form! He was going too slow, then too fast, and it appears the AHC was set to low. My guess is that truck will have some problems resulting from that choice!
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    tire advice? K02 vs Defender, 2013 LX570

    Looks like an AT version of their MT "Fierce Attitude" tire which I have only ever seen on J**ps: Fierce Attitude™ M/T Tires | Goodyear Tires
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    eBay 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX Turbo Diesel??

    So how does emissions work? There are a lot of potential pitfalls for people and you haven’t done a very thorough job of explaining how it got here, how it’s legal, how people can have confidence it’s not going to be impossible to title in their name, etc. Is a local Toyota dealer going to be...
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    For Sale 2009 LC 200 99k miles with upgrades

    I agree. Too bad it went to a poser though from what I hear 🤣
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    LX570 door advertising. Wait....what?

    I'm sure they do so they can use the same parts for many different models across the lineup. It is pretty clever (and crappy) of the dealer to figure it out and customize it to their name. Imagine how many people never figure out how to remove it!
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    300 Series Land Cruiser wish list *Toyota Please Read*

    More relevant no doubt as it's current and discusses trucks. I personally don't like the idea of small displacement turbo engines in large, heavy, un-aerodynamic trucks and SUVs, but they're perfect for small cars with low drag coefficient. If the 300 ends up with a relatively small displacement...
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    300 Series Land Cruiser wish list *Toyota Please Read*

    That article is 6 years old, and technology has improved massively in that amount of time. The Tesla Model X and 3 weren't even a thing when this article was released to show how much has changed in the auto landscape.
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    LC200 vs LX570 Tailgate

    The LC did not get that feature until they got the electronic opening/closing tail gate in 2018. The tail gate on prior LCs will not latch itself shut unless you manually do it all the way.
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    LX570 door advertising. Wait....what?

    Wow that is incredibly obnoxious! It looks like they have installed a lens over the puddle light. Can you snap a pic of the lens assembly?
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    TFL Old vs New, LC vs LX570

    100% agree. The vast majority of the cost of the 200 is the platform and hard parts themselves, not the leather, tv screens, etc which can pretty easily be added to any vehicle.
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