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    craigslist 95 LC for sale in CO

    Thanks Trailbum, can you PM your phone number?
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    craigslist 95 LC for sale in CO

    What do you think is a fair price?
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    craigslist 95 LC for sale in CO

    This was supposed to be tagged as "Craigslist" NOT "For Sale." Sorry guys!
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    craigslist  95 LC for sale in CO

    95 80 series landcruiser with lockers Asking $12,000 for a 270k mile 1995 LC with ARB lockers front and rear, front and rear bumpers, winch, tire mount, roof rack, 3" lift, 35s. Can you guys advise me? Thanks! I asked for more pictures and should be getting them by tomorrow.
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    craigslist  1997 lx450 with factory F/R Lockers in Colorado

    1997 Lexus LX450 w/ Factory Lockers This vehicle is going for $7,500 and is in Colorado. New to this site and these vehicles. I'm looking for an lx450 to turn into an expedition vehicle. This one already has the factory lockers. I would be doing a lift and probably 35s next. What do you think...
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