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    thats W's at over the hill's 55.....before he "worked" on it (more like cut 90% of it off!!!!)
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    Snorkel Sizing

    Also make sure to have a big scoop facing forward on the end, kinda acts like a ram air.......more air=better vroom :D
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    toyota springs

    How much??? and i take it they're 40's?
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    Fj60 steering...

    I know some people put the 60 steering in a 55....but not sure about a 40. My guess is there is prolly some way to do it
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    toyota springs

    deff supposed to be different! :dunno: :stupid: po?
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    I have some PO pictures of the new cruizer over at pirate 4x4.....been spending alot of time over there! i think it is...... :D
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    Another leaf spring question

    just make sure that you cant bottom out the shocks!
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    How bad/good can it be?

    go with the 383, i love mine :D
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    Prog report!!  Woody, special pic for you!!

    Wheres the tcase linkage? :dunno: :D
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    Well with medusa's help we figured out it was comming from clutch area. Thinking it something like a broken spring, or clutch finger etc. Where should i go for a clutch/pressureplate, and also how much does a sm420+LC xfer case weight?
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    Tranny set-up

    I'll tell ya from first hand experience, they kick ass. They are pretty loud trannys, but hell the 7.05 kicks ass! and the final gear is 1 to 1 same as stock 4 speed cruiser!
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    gasket sealer/plug wires

    Now that i found my problem, i got a gasket, but now i need to get some new plug wires, which should i get? Should i go for the spendy accel? and also should i use any gasket sealer on the collector and exhaust manifold gaskets?
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    help is it a knock!??!?!?!?!?

    Sounds good to me, miss-firing cylinder, and ehaust leak=loud noise...
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    friends heep

    sport, yes in 4wd to get outta the gravel, but 2wd on pavement, and nobody saw, but the whole school heard when i started her up to get her into a parking spot :stupid:
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    help is it a knock!??!?!?!?!?

    Nope havent yet. Tomorrow im doing all fluid drain/and or flush, plugs, header gasket, collector gasket, oil pan/gasket (to check rods), and timing, sound like a good checklist?
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