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    Sally has moved on

    My 80 has changed hands. My buddy Chris in Antelope has her now, and is busy fixing a year and a half of neglect. In the meantime, i'm going to start saving for a 40 or 60 series. Stay tuned.....
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    MetalTech front bumper and 10k engo winch for sale

    Sorry, winch went with the bumper.
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    MetalTech front bumper and 10k engo winch for sale

    Paid $650 + shipping a few years ago, will let it go for $450 (obo). bumper is bed lined. Winch hasn't been used in a year, but is in working order, was tested a week ago. Selling to fund repairs to my 80. Pic in my avatar <------
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    Where is everyone

    For now the plan is to try and fix whatever is wrong. However, i will be selling some parts to help fund some of the repair cost. I have a 50" LED light bar (amazon special) and the front Metal Tech bumper / winch combo if anyone is interested. Not going to sidetrack this thread, so if you...
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    Where is everyone

    My 80 is officially non-op'd. Still burning oil, and wont pass a smog. At this point, i am planning on diving into the engine to figure out the problem. If it's valve's I'll adjust and try smog again, if its rings, I'll end up selling her off for parts. On the positive side, i picked up a 92...
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    Where is everyone

    I know, i'm dying to get out and enjoy the back country. Our Explorer wont cut it, so i have to do something, but we don't have the funds to spend on the LC, i'm starting to suspect the rings may be the culprit.
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    Where is everyone

    Mines burning some oil but getting better. Going to Seafoam it again this weekend, the last time it helped quite a bit. If i cant get anywhere, i'll most likely part it out this summer and try to find a 40 or a 4runner.
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    Where is everyone

    Nice, at the rate my rig is going, Gold Lake is out this year. As far as a bbq goes, we're working on getting the yard back in shape, so it'll be summer before we can have a yard full of rigs again.
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    Where is everyone

    We've been dead in here for a while, kinda like my cruiser. Whats everyone up to? My cruiser is parked, and has been since Jan, wont pass smog, and blowing smoke (not head gasket). I have a theory I'm going to test this weekend, if I'm right, I'll have a great story that will get a lot of...
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    Can a whiny driveline be dangerous?

    My 91 has been making the same type of noise for going on 4 years. It's never gotten louder, and there is nothing in the oil during fluid changes. In my opinion, you have nothing to worry about. I would advise you to carry tools just in case something happens. To get you rolling again if...
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    Sold one of my Land Cruisers but...

    Who has the current mileage? It should be a VERY simple equation to determine how much driving the tow company did on the way east.... This is indeed a bad situation for all involved. However the seller has done his due diligence, and has the evidence to prove the 80 was in perfect running...
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    60deg ambient 95deg vent heat? 91 3fe

    I have the same issue with my 91. I did use CLR to soak the front core, and it did not help. I also flushed it several times both normal and reverse flow. The rear heater blows really hot air, but it just isn't enough to warm the entire rig. I hope you figure out a solution, because i need...
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    Spring/Summer Lakes Basin Cruiser Trip :NorCal:

    I checked my stuff also, sorry brother, not here. Did you check in your tent, or with balls deep?:flipoff2:
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    Pismo in September

    Had another cruiser head ask about the Pismo run. Whats the deal yo? Erick, Mark, Matt, spill the beans. Lets get this one planned out.
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