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    Going British?

    Here's what to look for if you buy a Disco: a really good local towing company with 24 hour service. Make sure they answer the phone at any time you anticipate driving. You will get to know your local tow company drivers very well, so you might as well scope out the options, pick one you like...
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    Lotsa exhaust HDJ 81 1-HDT

    On your fuel consumption: you say 460 km to a tank. How much fuel are you putting in and calling "a tank". Empty, the HDJ81 holds 95 litres. I doubt you are running to empty. You need to work out exactly what your fuel economy is in l / 100km or km/l or whatever figure you use. Also, with...
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    fj62 projector low beams

    Hmmm. I'm not sure what the problem is as it works fine for me. But you can find it by looking for Outback Imports website and following the link there. I hope that helps.
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    fj62 projector low beams

    HID Headlight Upgrade for Toyota LC 60 Series
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    Questions from a new hdj81 owner

    This oil consumption or leak is definitely outside the avg for the 1HD-T from all the numbers I've seen. I don't have exact figures because every driver and engine is different but when I did a round trip from Vancouver to Regina and back last year I hardly burnt any oil and that was driving a...
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    Replaced window run, window still sucks (rant)

    This may sound really lame, but I just wanted to insure the OP that the problem IS solveable - all the windows in my 1990 HDJ81 worked perfectly after service - in my case all that was needed was to replace the window runs on the 2 fronts - so it's not an impossible task. The 80 series windows...
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    What is the best way to get lights?

    Ateb now has available HID lighting for the HDJ81 - the euro housings are about half of the cost of the HID's - it might be worth the extra money to go all the way to HID's. If I was doing it again, and ATEB had that option then, I would go for the HID's all the way, there is just no...
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    Lost key on JDM HDJ81 Land Cruiser

    I'm not certain if they can help or not, but ATEB is VERY experienced with the HDJ81 and they may be able to help you.
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    What springs are you running on your HDJ81

    You can also write OME directly for advice - they are quite helpful. Another useful tip is that ordering spacers can be quite useful to level things up, as every truck is unique and no two ever seem to end up the same with respect to springs.
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    HDJ81 Standard/Reserve Fuel Capacity

    The standard HDJ81 fuel tank capacity is 95 litres. I never pumped in more than 92 litres and I thought I was going to run dry - in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan, almost every station I passed was closed - finally found one open selling fuel for more than 20c per litre more than the...
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    Canuck noob needs cruiser advice

    Or a 3rd gen 4Runner - not as hard core as a cruiser but still quite capable. Remember that you also need to take careful note of where fuel prices are heading...
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    Canuck noob needs cruiser advice

    The problem with the 40 is that for most it makes a less than optimal daily driver. Most people would not put up with a 40 as a daily driver, and on long highway trips, you will probably wish you'd rented just about anything else. That is unless you are a very unusual person. 40's are great...
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    Canuck noob needs cruiser advice

    Be very, very careful - 80 series landcruisers are complex vehicles that require maintenance which is not cheap. Turbo rebuilds, injector service, BEB replacement, DOT compliance, general service and all the other myriad operations these vehicles require, are NOT inexpensive. Even if you do it...
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    Not so great economy

    So in summary after correcting for tire size you are getting within a few % of what I averaged driving in the same place and probably under similar conditions. I suspect there is nothing wrong with your truck. If you want to improve your mpg you could go to smaller (stock) tires and keep the...
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    Not so great economy

    I'm just going by what I've seen on the West Coast and at Ateb, where I saw almost everything Outback brought over for about a year. Not one of those trucks had stock tires on them. Must be different suppliers fitting new tires? Actually at least half the tires looked used, as if they'd been...
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