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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread

    I'll play. :grinpimp: Top to bottom, a Dan Wesson .357 4" barrel (nightstand), S&W model 60 3" barrel (backpack), and a S&W 442 (carry). I have a Winchester Featherweight Model 70 in .270 for slaying deer, and a mid 70's Remington Wingmaster 870 for the ducks/doves/etc. I'd love to shoot...
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    Triangle Monthly Meeting - November '12

    Good to meet some of you guys last night! :cheers:
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    Triangle Monthly Meeting - November '12

    I will be guy! I'll bring a white fj55. :cheers:
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    Back On The Road

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting the pics, very inspiring. :cheers:
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    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

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    FJ55 Signal Lamps

    Got mine installed last night. These do have the flat base, my 1976 has the angled base. They are not an exact match obviously, but I don't think it puts the angle so severe that it looks out of place. My truck has two wires to connect to - I spliced the blue and yellow wires together, and...
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Military Trailer M101A2 This just showed up - no affiliation....
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    I'm on the hunt for a set of stock rims - to work with 76' disc brakes. :cheers:
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    FJ55 Signal Lamps

    Put me next in line. Paypal sent. :cheers:
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    Diecast FJ55: Who'd be interested?

    Payment sent. Thanks!! :cheers:
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    January event

    I plan on coming, just to help out and meet & greet. :cheers:
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    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    1974 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Heads up - cheap parts rig
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    Mars Pig - 1976 FJ55 See above (not my truck) - great reference for this in Lil'John's thread. I'm going to be painting, so I'm not too worried about welding the body panels. I plan on welding a piece...
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    Mars Pig - 1976 FJ55

    Planning on welding straight to the body panels. They are long enough that they should displace the weight...from what I've read.
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    Mars Pig - 1976 FJ55

    Lot's been going on! Since last update, we've relocated from Vegas to Raleigh, North Carolina. It's been a great move for all of use to get out of the desert. :cool: Working on getting rid of the rust in the rocker, and decided to copy other member's 2x4 slider/rockers. Got a lot of the...
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