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    For Sale 93 fzj w 201000.

    I will get pics up of the under carriage. There are a few spots of rust on the body behind the back doors. There is surface rust on the under carriage.
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    For Sale 93 fzj w 201000. Runs really good. The front oil pump seal needs replaced. I will deal! No need for this vehicle anymore. Just sits in front of the house and takes me to the gym.
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    Window runs- easy way?

    Did this help with slow window movement?
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    Rough idle when cold, better when warm

    mine did that for a while and I ignored it until when it was cold it would almost die at stop lights until it warmed up. My intake hose was cracked from a filter change I did. went to O'Riellys and got a universal intake hose for 15.00 and has worked great. about 3 months now.
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    vibration highway speed when no load

    I have the same issue. I have narrowed the vibe to the frame to axle arm bushings. I have not changed them out yet but am 95 percent sure this is my issue.
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    Color decsisions decisions

    My vote is for 5 and 9
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    Stumble while engine is cold

    At start up it idles about 1300-1500 rpm. Only after taking off and driving for a few then coming to a stop. does it idle low. Low enough for me to have to hit the gas to keep it going.
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    Stumble while engine is cold

    My engine idles bad after taking off first thing. Runs good while driving but when I come to a stop it start to stumble between 250-450 rpm. Once the engine heats up it is fine. Any thoughts. I have been reading some threads on cold start injector. Wouldn't think this is what it would be but I...
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    Digital temp gauge. Best peace of mind.

    I looked On amazon and was unable to find. Do you have a link to this unit?
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    Digital temp gauge. Best peace of mind.

    where did you mount/install the probe?
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    RPMs go up during shifting- Transmission Question

    I had the same issue and it ended up being a pressure hose for the transmission.. At least thats what my trans guy told me. cost me a hundred bucks
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    Land Cruiser vs. Cherokee Sport

    How about how comfortable these trucks are. I am 6'3 280 lbs. Its great when you can go on vacation a 1000 miles away with a 6 year old 2 100+lb dogs and all of luggage inside the truck and still be comfortable. Hands down this IS the best mid size suv out there. And for the prices these...
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    Already have the brakes.

    For the front it will be around 4 bills w wheel bearings. At least that was the going rate last year. I would assume that it will be close to that for the rear.
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    spark plug tube seals..RTH..

    Thanks guys, thats the way I put them in. This was a tough job. Valve cover, belts and water/vacuum hoses.. here are some pics.
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    spark plug tube seals..RTH..

    does the tapered inner portion face away from the engine or towards? thanks all
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