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    For Sale - Sound deadening material, 3B manifold gasket, bed.

    All sold. Kim picked it up yesterday!
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    For Sale - Sound deadening material, 3B manifold gasket, bed.

    Oh Man.... bitter sweet indeed :) Thanks Kim. I assume you'll come out either in the evening or on the weekend? I'm home all nights this week and home on the weekend. Shoot me a message or post here when you're able to come out. R.
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    For Sale - Sound deadening material, 3B manifold gasket, bed.

    Hi Rob, I am thanks. Miss the cruiser world and wheeling with my kids.... but there will be time later in life for all that I'm sure. I've stayed off the board for the past year because I know it would be to hard to just give it up "for now" :frown: Hope you're well too!
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    For Sale - Sound deadening material, 3B manifold gasket, bed.

    Hey there folks. Well, it's been a year since Kim bought my truck, hope it's still working out well for his daughter. I was going through my crawlspace today and found some stuff to get rid of so here it is. Up for sale: 1.25 rolls of B-Quiet Ultimate sound deadening material...
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    Random cruiser pics 2012

    Here's the last picture of our truck. Kim bought it, which I'm happy with. It's going to be his Daughter's learning rig. I'm sure it will bring them as much joy as it brought us. this picture was in our cul-de-sac just after all that snow two weeks ago. Cheers
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    building manifolds what steels work? what dont?

    John, you can get mild steel parts (elbows and T's) from most any of the steel fab shops around town or actually from Metal Suppermarket in Langley, 200th and 92A I bet. Pretty inexpensive. I made mine (when I owned my truck, Kim bought it on Friday) from 1.5" Sch 40 short radius elbows on the...
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    For Sale 82 BJ60 Turbo Canadian truck

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    EDIC problems

    Could be your fuel control relay. My edic wasn't working a couple weeks ago, had a friend with a spare help me diagnose the problem. We put in the spare edic, didn't do anything. We changed the fuel control relay (passenger side, behind wheel well cover plate and everything worked fine, my...
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    For Sale 82 BJ60 Turbo Canadian truck

    Thanks arbetrader Monday bump.
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    For Sale  82 BJ60 Turbo Canadian truck

    Well, it's time for us to let Ruby go. It's my wife's DD, taxi for hauling the kids etc...and my "couple wheeling adventures per year" rig. Needless to say, it's time for us to move on :( to something different, as well as the fact the Ruby's gonna need some love in the next few years, or it'll...
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    Stolen Silver BJ60 in Portland

    That sucks, hope you get it back!
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    This 3B-T Hauls!

    Help me out if you don't mind. Why would changing the fuel setting only affect the maximum temperatures? So I turn my fuel down say 3 full turns, almost to the point of starving my engine. Less fuel in the mix wouldn't affect the overall EGT? Or the opposite situation, I turn my fuel up so...
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    This 3B-T Hauls!

    Can't say that I agree with Dougal. If one's fuel isn't turned up why wouldn't the EGT range be lower....? I run on the flat between 800-900*F pre-turbo at 110km/hr all day long. So based on this, my prob must be broken too? If I adjust my fuel higher, my EGT's will rise but why do that when...
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    This 3B-T Hauls!

    I don't think his pyro is broken, he may not have the fuel turned up as much as others do. Turn up the fuel, the EGT's are going to go up... turn it down.....well you now.
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