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    what shovel do you carry

    I have a short D-handle but I also carry a mattacks. The mattocks head has an ax blade on one side and a digging blade on the other. Both tools are strapped to my jack which sits behind the seats bolted to the rear wheel wells.
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    I made "floorboards" for the front seats out of diamond plate that are 14 x 18 inches. When I use my jack I take one and put under the jack.
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    Recovery tally

    I say go for it. It's time we get back to people having pride in their work and showing off their accomplishments. If it was easy everyone would do it and it wouldn't be special. You my friend have the machine and the skill to do not only a good thing but something that others can't. Be...
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    Why is it so hard to buy new gas cans??

    I've been using 5 gal plastic cans for a couple years now refueling my plane. I use a siphon (the one with the brass ball) and run it through a Mister filter. No runs, no drips, no errors.
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    Personal Survival Kit

    1407driver, I'm surprised you don't have an Asherman Chest Seal to treat a sucking chest wound. Also you have 3 feet of duct tape and 330 yards of fishing line. I think you can loose some of the line and make room for more duct tape.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Bought some OME 2.5 inch lift springs off Ebay; I put the springs on the front and the shackles on the rear for an even lift. The original springs were so flat I went from a 1 inch clearance to the bump stop to a 3 inch clearance by adding 1.25 of lift.
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    Fj40 logskidder

    Let's see, without the frame and body you're left with an engine and questionable drivetrain. The original engine would be best for a high torque low speed skidder but you don't have the original engine. Best bet is to take and inventory and see what you can sell to get enough money to buy an 8N.
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    Front axle U-bolts

    Things I learned changing out my font springs. I took the FJ to the tire shop where they can break the U-bolt nuts loose and then retighten for the trip home. To remove the spring pins I used a drift pin to turn the plate after I removed the two lock screws. Turning the plate broke the rust...
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    Front axle U-bolts

    Marlin Crawler sells 8 and 9 inch and other sites say I need 3 of the 6 3/4 and 1 of the 7 3/4. It looks like I'll have to cut the Marlin bolts also.
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    Front axle U-bolts

    I planned to change front springs this weekend but couldn't remove the U-bolts. After a quick read I know now to cut them off and replace them. My '79 FJ40 has two different size U-bolts on the passenger side but all the seller sites have four the same size in their kits. I don't want a...
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    e-Brake advice

    Drums on wheels are turned so the pads can fit close to the drums and when the brakes are applied fit uniformly against the drum for a smooth stop. Any scoring on the drums will damage the brake pads. The e-brake is only applied when the vehicle is stopped so the pads can be farther away and...
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    how has your disaster prep actually helped you during disaster?

    We lost power for a week following the tornadoes in northern Alabama a couple years back. Was able to run the house on our 3.5k generator and had several folks over to charge phones and-at my wifes insistance-watch the royal wedding. Had propane for cooking. I have 5-gal cans of gas for the...
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    2.5" lift or 4" , which would you go for?

    I just bought a 2.5 inch set of front springs and shackles because I couldn't find stock replacements. My front bump stop is one inch from the axle. I plan to put the springs on the front and the shackles on the rear since I have to replace the bushings all around anyway. Since half of the...
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    Springs again

    In the FAQ it says that switching front to rear is OK and in fact a good idea and that the add-a-leaf lessens the ride quality. I guess I really need new fronts that are stock height but WHERE CAN I GET THEM? Are you listening spring makers?
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    Springs again

    My front axle is about an inch from the bump stops, my rear is about 3 inches. While I have them off to replace the bushings, I was thinking of swapping ends. I read the FAQ about switching front to rear and rear to front but have a question. Would it make sense to add-a-leaf to the flattened...
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