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    Need help fixing leaking sunroof

    Please help, the rains here in are reaking havic on my cruiser. It appears that the passenger side of my car's interior is getting a soaking everytime it rains. After having traced the leak I find that the culprit is the roof on the right front side. Please any help would be appreciated.
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    water leak please help

    Perfect timing, I have a 97 Cruiser and here in L.A. too, I am experiencing the same problem that you are---too much water on the passenger side of the car--flooded. Yesterday I took the time to trace the water trail and noticed that it was coming from the sunroof. Only the right side of the...
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    What must I do to tow my RV?

    Thnks 1st--I am a new owner of a 97 LC, I am in the process of purchasing a TrailManor Trailer. It has a dry weight of 2500 lbs with a carry capacity of 1500 additional lbs. Is there anything that I should do to my LC to prepare it for proper towing. M1cash
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