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    Wanted WI. 1977 FJ40. Found one. Thanks.

    No idea about this one. Just came across it in my search.
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    Wanted  Mid Mo - FJ40 project around $3500

    It’s time to get another FJ40. It’s been too long. I want a project, as I can’t afford a finished rig. I understand the limitations on a price point around $3500. Ideally I would like the rig to have something positive(not rotting, running, frame solid, etc). I do want a hard top. Prefer a ‘76...
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    For Sale Los Angeles: 1965 FST FJ40 "Dirtbag"

    I wish I could. Bump for a cool rig.
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    Bone stock 1974 40's....need pics

    Will do. I'll also go back and make sure he said 74 and not 73. ETA: He advertised it as a '74. I'll have to do some digging.
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    Bone stock 1974 40's....need pics

    Has two different front signals on fenders. Aside from some floor board rust it doesn't look bad in pictures. I'm going to try to go get an idea of frame rust soon before committing to a purchase.
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    Bone stock 1974 40's....need pics

    Hey guys. I haven't been around in a while. I have a lead on a 1974 40 that needs a lot of work. I have a friend that is going to do the metal work for next to nothing. The truck isn't going to be a resto but I would like to know what type of front fender lights it should have and other...
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    For Sale Free to a good home!!!!!!!

    PM Sent.
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    47k miles 2007 Tundra Alternator Fail!!!

    This is absurd. 47k miles and I'm replacing the alternator. Top it off Locally at part store part is $282. Toyota? Upper $600. Plus almost $200 to install. This is ridiculous. Does anyone have a FSM for a 5.7 tundra as this is going to have to be a DIY job for me. Thanks.
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    For Sale  FS: 1994 FJ-80 $2000 - Cuba, MO

    FJ-80 237xxx miles No lockers New tires(5000 miles) New plugs, wires, plug seals New Valve cover seal Needs: Front main seal Throttle adjustment The truck isn't perfect but it's worth $2000. It has typical aging in appearance and operation but everything is solid and works. The wheels need...
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    Help me with a wiring schematic. Please

    I'm going to use all new switches. Just want to get it back on the road. I think finding one completed would be hard to do. I'll take a look at coolermans site. ETA: it's a 1963/68 truck.
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    Help me with a wiring schematic. Please

    I am wanting to get my old 40 back on the road. The reason I took it off was electrical. The blinker switch inside the unknown year GM column broke AND the brake lights developed a short. It's old, when it rains it pours. This is what I want to do. Build a completely new wiring system not...
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    My New T100

    No, thankfully. No injuries whatsoever. The car was a mercury sable that became trunkless.
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    My new truck.

    Yeah the color paired with the rarity of the sport package and the 5.7L sold me on it. It was about $5k under book and had less than 30k miles. The end deal maker was the 20mpg. Better than the 12mpg the 80 gets so I figured in the mileage I was going to be driving and it was actually going...
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    My New T100

    I can vouch that they are safe in a crash. I rear-ended a car I was running 55 they were stopped, stupid teenage moment. I drove the truck home all lights worked, and everything. Did bend the front cross member. Super solid truck with ample power.
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