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    New Carpet Turned out Great!!

    Off topic, but do you have cube lights replacing your factory fog lights? If so how did you source a bracket?
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    Slinky Launch Party

    Thanks for the heads up, I will be there.
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    Just stopping by to say hi!

    I'm in Spring Hill as well, welcome!
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    SOLD OME Nitro Sport Shocks

    Yes they are. These are just the shocks, you would still need to get 865, 863, or 860 springs for the lift. They have 50,000 miles on them. These are for the uzj 100 series. Brett
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    For Sale  HF Predator 2000 Generator

    I have only ran one tank of gas, dont need as I have switched to a Goal Zero generator, $300. My loss your gain, local pickup near Nashville, TN.
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    SOLD  OME Nitro Sport Shocks

    Purchased new in 2017 with OME medium kit. Shocks in good condition. Make your best offer plus shipping. Local pickup near Nashville, TN
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    For Sale  100 Series Factory Rear Mudflaps

    2005 Land Cruiser rear mudflaps. Make your best offer plus shipping. Local pickup near Nashville, TN
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    Trail Tailor Offerings- Racks, Sliders, Control Arms and Misc

    @TRAIL TAILOR Jason, I see in your sale items shock guards for the 200 series, do you have the 100 series on sale too? Thanks sir!
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    Events/Trails HIH9 Trip Report

    Damn @ga12r1 you made the front page!! By far the most epic water crossing I have seen!!
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    Black Friday 2019 Deals

    Found this list they are compiling on Revere Overland. Updating list daily. Not all 100 series specific, but maybe someone can take use of these deals. VENDOR GENERAL SALE Chicago Overlanding - 15% off + free shipping with coupon “blackfriday”...
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    Black Friday 2019 Deals

    It's that time of year again... Please post those great deals you are finding during the holidays as I know we all need more stuff!!
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    For Sale PA: 2006 Landcruiser, Southern Truck, 192k, OME, WKO and Trail Tailor Goodies **SOLD**

    What brand are those seat covers? Nice truck, good luck on the sale!
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