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    Parting Out 1993-1994 FZJ-80 One with Lockers

    Do you have a front diff if so how much?
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    Parting Out Parting 91, 93, 94 and 96 lx

    Do you have a front diff, If so how much?
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    Parting Out 94 fzj80 in NC

    Do you have the front diff is it a locker how much?
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    SOLD 1985 BJ73 LX So. ILL

    I am interested in this and would like to talk to you.
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    FREE Some 96,97 anniversary Land Cruiser parts

    I have a 97 anniversary ac evaporator core and case.A blower and case it should work in a 96 or 97 and a 96 heater core and case.I have some wiring harness.Radiator out of a 96.These are free if you can come pick them up I just don't to mess with shipping them.It is best to call me 317-752-1772...
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    Wanted Wanted: Dash & sunroof trim - 96 fzj80

    Dash HI i have a dash out of a 97 it is brown.I will have to look to see if it is ok.
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    For Sale 4 goodyear MT/Rs on 80 wheels

    I have 4 goodyear LT245-75-16 MT/R that were on a 97 land cruiser they have 17/32 thread left.asking $400 OBO West of Indianapolis shipping I am sure would be expensive so picking them up would be best.I amso have 2 Goodrich 265-70-16 on Tacoma stock rims tires are not much would like to get 50...
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    For sale 97 Land Cruiser w/Factory lockers

    Still up for sale also have a lot of parts to go with it.
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    For sale 97 Land Cruiser w/Factory lockers

    JL080 I am just west of Indianapolis,in.
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    For sale 97 Land Cruiser w/Factory lockers

    It is time to sell my L.C I don't drive it much any more.It will go when you lock the front and rear diffs. as most of you know I think.I have a lot of Land cruiser parts enough to fill up the back I think and too many to list.I just dom't drive it much any more and don't get to go off road for...
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    2001 Tacoma locking rear diff ?

    Thanks 10ga as soon as i get the chance i will do this.The info and pics help a lot.
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    2001 Tacoma locking rear diff ?

    I just bought a 2001 Tacoma TRD with rear locking diff.Will the gray wire mod work on the 2001?I have don't some reading and i see 2004 but i am not sure if it is the same for the 2001.Need help on this.:confused:
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