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    For Sale FZJ80 ABS front steering knuckles and rear full float hubs

    Rears are sold, fronts available.
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    For Sale  FZJ80 ABS front steering knuckles and rear full float hubs

    I swapped to hell fire knuckles. So I have the stockers. THey have new (but installed/removed) timken trunion bearings and both steering arms that INCLUDES THE OVERSEAS one for a front-side tie rod. I will ship them out for 200 to within the 48 states. OBO if its up for a while. REAR FULL...
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    Wanted  9.5" FJ80 FZJ80 elocker actuator only

    Mine has taken a s***. Either that or fudged something rebuilding it. Works the same as before the rebuild so I expect it is just at the end of its life. So I need one that works fine, not from the NE unless it is cheap. Regardless, has to work reliably. Yes I know it is a 20 year old part so...
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    For Sale  shock hoop, GM y-link, PAC 300 lb springs, 6" hydro assist cylinder

    I picked up a few things over the last year for my SAS that I wound up replacing with a different product. All shipping is to mid-48 states only. Shipping from OSWEGO, NY. Open to offers as well. No promise I will accept though. Shock hoop sold. PAC 14x2.5x300 lb springs, pair. Mounted once...
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    different pitman arm drop

    I have searched but found nothing in date, only older stuff that is not available. Basically I have a stock FJ80 pitman arm. I am using it in my Tacoma SAS on an IFS truck steering box. It will work but it would be better if I could find a pitman with a little less drop to improve steering...
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    For Sale  rear axle disc brake back plates and elocker rear axle shafts

    I have 4 disc brake back plates from elocker FJ80 axles. I wanted 0% rust on them so found some from CA. These ones have cancer, well 3 do. One of the 4 has been lubed up for a number of years due to a leaking axle seal, lol. So it's still in great shape. I cleaned most of the grease off but...
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    Wanted  FJZJ80 rear brake back plates and ebrake lever

    Duplicate post.
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    Wanted  Rear disc brake parts for FZJ80 rear axle

    I am in Oswego NY, I will pay shipping. Basically I bought a rusty axle and some of the brake parts I am a bit suspect of so I'd like to replace most main parts you cant buy in a brake rebuild kit. Its a rear 94 elocker FZJ80 axle. I believe both the full and semi-float axles use the same...
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    For Sale  FZJ80 front suspension coils from a 94 or 95 I recall

    I got these springs with an elocker axle for my Tacoma SAS. Not using the coils, so I suppose someone can snag them for their 4runner. I think the going rate is 100 shipped, thats what a bid of mine paid for some on his last year. I didn't see any dots on the top or bottom, the paint has chipped...
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    For Sale 1987 hj60 landcruiser 24 volts 5spd for parts

    PM'ing about lockout hubs.
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    Building radius arms, bushing recommendations?

    You got a build thread for said vehicle? And thanks for your input too, mmmI4. Bookmarked your thread.
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    Building radius arms, bushing recommendations?

    Hmm. What bushings you use? I thought most non-rubber (which is what I see aftermarket the most) dont have as much usable angle change?
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    Building radius arms, bushing recommendations?

    Thanks folks. I dont want to do a 3 link mostly because I want it to be more road friendly. Yeah, you can go to lengths to get it to be more stable, but it's still super-flexy, which is why it rocks off road. Also 3 links pretty much require heims. THey are great joints, but being metal on...
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    Building radius arms, bushing recommendations?

    Thanks. Anyone else have any input....anyone?
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