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    Hey all

    I know it's been awhile and no i havent fallen off the face of the planet yet Rofl. Anyway i am now looking for a Trans and t-case or at least the t-case for a fj60 mine blew up so now im down to no cruisers that work atm
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    High Rock Canyon Run in June

    No didn't sell everything i still have my 85 fj 60 and that's what i would use for the trip if i can make it
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    High Rock Canyon Run in June

    so i might be able to make it but will have to check with the boss
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    High Rock Canyon Run in June

    Wouldnt mind making this run but have other plans this year heading to Boise to be with the kids
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    Selling my 40

    The 40 is sold.
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    Selling my 40

    Hey all im selling my 40 asking 1,500 for it doesnt run motor needs rebuilt lots of good parts or a project for some one 775-217-2599 Dan
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    SLRback,sad news

    Yes it is Sad news Slvrback was a friend and fellow cruiserhead he will be missed. Condelences and Prayers for his wife and son. They will be in my Thoughts n Prayers as i hope he will be in those who knew him
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    mini truck steering

    Hey Ray give me a call i still have that 89 Mini its yours if ya want it and it has all the steering stuff your lookin for
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    Parting Out 1984 fj60

    Looking for stock springs if you have them let me know n price Thanks
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    Fj60 springs

    Hey all im hunting a stock set of 60 springs any help would be great Thanks Dan
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    Under body Fuel tanks

    Does anyone know of a place i can get an under body fuel tank for my 1 ton chevy Dually 4x4 i would like to put one where my spare is so i can extend my range. Any Help would be greatly appreciated \ Dan
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    Heya all

    Yea things are going really well fo us Keith and yes i kinda did fall off for awhile. Yea not sure on letting go of my 40 yet thats still up in the air but deff keeping the 60 for sure was my first Yota so kinda attached to it hehe
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    Heya all

    Well im Back in Fallon and working on my 60 my 80 is gonna be leaving the family and im seriously thinking about the 40 going as well. Been awhile will have to see if i can hit a meeting soon. Looking for a stock set of 60 springs if anyone has a set. Dan
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    Parting Out 85' FJ60, Ca

    do you have the stock springs and Price Plz n Thank you
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    Hey all

    im thinking about doing a 350in my 60 as well but mine will be carburated instead of fuel injection but looking at the cost of adapters it will be a long while before that ever happens. Also im tinking of selling my 40 at this time but we will see how it goes. as far as the 350 swap im not...
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