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    FJ60 fuel tank recall question

    Im looking at an fj60.that needs a new tank .I guess I'll ask seller for the vin. And start at the dealership.
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    For Sale 1989 BJ75 for sale Michigan

    Ever use any wd40 (no why asks the seller)
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    For Sale 1970 FJ40 San Diego (reduced price)

    Typical I'm trying to recoup the money I paid the mechanic .
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    For Sale So Cal/USA 1972 FJ40

    I didn't show the motor and every one is making fun of my cruiser .(this is I posted it honey see here's the add and everything) good luck .
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    Wanted Original paint FJ40.

    Hey you want original paint ? Better check out the paint Store jerry.
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    For Sale 1970 fj40 in texarkana

    I'm going to be the brave one here how's 800 $ and a firm hand shake ?
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    For Sale 1977 FJ40

    Battery some gas and 2000 $ I know you could start it.
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    For Sale putting up my 1977 FJ40 for 8,000 OBO

    That's not a bad fj at 800$
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    For Sale 1980 BJ40 w/ 3B, Turbo, tons of parts including H55F. Seattle, WA

    Is this your first cruiser that you put wrong parts on or are there more ? Doors are off 1864 and down ,your stuck with your Franken cruiser .
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    For Sale 1971 FJ55

    Hey the milk is going sour where's pics of that pig ?
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    For Sale fj55 for sale

    One day I'm going to have a class that has the correct years when parts are on like 1976 is when disk brakes came on Toyota Land cruisers .
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    For Sale Cheap 1973 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55

    Pics ?
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    fj55 for sale

    So how much is this 500 $ car ?
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    For Sale 1971 FJ55

    Pics location fng.
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    For Sale 1976 FJ55--Fresno, Ca

    Does it run or what 2f stock what ?
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