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    "S" word

    Too bad I'm leaving to drive back to Houston, TX tonight or I would come out and play. Oh, well, maybe there'll be another snow day this year.
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    Final Count for Tellico MLK

    Maybe if I stopped smoking dope I'duh looked there. thanks.
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    Final Count for Tellico MLK

    No pics yet?
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    Squeaky clutch pedal in 00' 4Runner

    That's right. I use White Lithium Grease in the aerasol can and give it a squirt everytime I do my u-joints now. that part stays quiet now. My pedal bushing is going again now, but I bought extra bushings last time I bought so I will do it one of these days.
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    Final Count for Tellico MLK

    If my mom and sister weren't coming up from Atlanta tomorrow I'd be driving up there, hehe, since you said there's supposed to be snow. I'm a little jealous now too.
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    what to look (out) for in a 98 4runner?

    yea, I've have alot of probs with my rear axle seals. do a search over at yotatech and you'll find plenty on this subject. Any other questions about the '98's just ask me. the axle seal is the only problem I've had with mine. it's been perfect other than that. For what it's worth I bought...
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    Final Count for Tellico MLK

    I wish I could make it. you guys take some pics so I get jealous enough to damn sure make the next run!
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    OME Medium or Heavy...01 tacoma d-cab

    I did the seam weld but I didn't have to trim anything else to run mine on my runner, I'm using 4.25" B.S. wheels though. I get no rubbing at all. you got a suggestion for shocks for me? I may get some in a couple weeks to replace these.
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    OME Medium or Heavy...01 tacoma d-cab

    Then what shocks would you recommend for me to run with my 891 coils? I'm currently running the N86 Firms.
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    post up a pic of your rig[s]!!

    well, I'm stuck in an apt. right now here in greenville trying to sell our house in Houston (where my "shop" {garage} is). so I don't have a place to do anything. Hopefully it'll sell soon and we'll get a place up here and I can bring the rest of my tools (real shop stuff) up and get some...
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    OME Medium or Heavy...01 tacoma d-cab

    No argument from me. I like OME stuff. Razor, I couldn't tell from Jason's site but does that kit have the long travel setup for the front, ie. control arms etc.? If not, have you thought about that option?
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    OME Medium or Heavy...01 tacoma d-cab

    ah, ok. I haven't had problems with mine so I never really worried about it. I must have gotten the one good set they made. I knew fabtech had two options but in my opinion they are both crappier than SAWs, with the rubber instead of heims.
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    OME Medium or Heavy...01 tacoma d-cab

    saws would be middle end to me. fabtech's are the lowest. but whose gonna pay $950 for a set of coilovers (like king and DH) anyway unless they are loaded and going to run them in the desert or really fast down washes. $600-650 fits and the quality of the SAWs are there. I do like the top...
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    New Steering column for Alex

    I think it might be because you were logged into your ebay account.
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    Muster Ground Run - Jan. 2nd.

    good. hopefully I will find a house before then so I have a place to install my clutch, assuming I buy it by then to, hehe. I'm looking forward to a run with you guys.
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